Embody Meditation like a Master without spending years in the Himalayas

Have you ever felt the pull of spiritual growth, the desire to embark on a journey of self-discovery, but the thought of spending years in the Himalayas enduring culture clashes, gender inefficiencies, and emptying your bank account seems daunting? If so, you’re not alone. Many seekers face this dilemma, torn between the call of innerContinue reading “Embody Meditation like a Master without spending years in the Himalayas”

The Three Timeless Wisdom Pillars of Triyana Buddhist Meditation

Embarking on a Profound Journey with Buddhist Triyana Meditation In a world pulsating with constant activity and noise, where the demands of modern life often drown out the voice of our inner selves, there exists a timeless sanctuary of tranquility and profound self-discovery – Buddhist Triyana Meditation. It beckons us to embark on a transformativeContinue reading “The Three Timeless Wisdom Pillars of Triyana Buddhist Meditation”

Boost Your Immune System through Relaxation and Meditation

In the midst of your life’s hustle and bustle, amidst stress and anxieties that seem to never end, you seek solace and balance. In this pursuit, you turn to relaxation techniques and meditation. Those ancient yet powerful practices that offer us a refuge of inner peace, and more over, boost our immune system. Meditation, oftenContinue reading “Boost Your Immune System through Relaxation and Meditation”

The Qualities You Need to Cultivate to Unleash Your Inner Buddha

The six perfections, also known as paramitas, are invaluable qualities in Buddhism that we can develop through our practice. These qualities represent the enlightened state, but they are also attainable in our everyday lives. In this post I provide you with a brief overview and encourage you to incorporate the cultivation of the six perfectionsContinue reading “The Qualities You Need to Cultivate to Unleash Your Inner Buddha”

The Illusory Dance of Dreams

As a practitioner on the path of Buddhism, I have come in deep contact with the profound interconnection between sleep, dreams, and awakening. When Prince Siddhartha Gautama, after attaining enlightenment, proclaimed with deep clarity, “I am awake” this pivotal moment gave rise to the term “Buddha,” which transcends a mere name and symbolizes the awakenedContinue reading “The Illusory Dance of Dreams”

སྒྲོལ་མའི་བསྟོད་པ། In Praise of Tara

Tara, also known as Drolma in Tibetan, is a Bodhisattva or Buddha of compassion in action, a protector who comes to our aid to relieve physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering. She is not like most of us human beings who, yes, can admit to her virtue of being a helper, but at the same time,Continue reading “སྒྲོལ་མའི་བསྟོད་པ། In Praise of Tara”

No Time to Lose

As ten thousand years of climate stability are ending, the call to develop inner stability has never been more apparent. Time is now, so let’s not waste it but move into action!By being many who can embody a trustworthy path of stability and compassion, we can help many others in our global community. We haveContinue reading “No Time to Lose”

This is Your Perfect Moment – to move beyond peace & gain clarity

It has been said that meditation can transform our brain in eight weeks. All it takes is a regular meditation practice of half an hour a day. By meditating, certain areas related to memory, empathy, stress, and those responsible for our attention and emotional integration are modified and enhanced. The impact of meditation has soContinue reading “This is Your Perfect Moment – to move beyond peace & gain clarity”

With Every Step You Take

When we long for wisdom to take root in our lives, we’ve come to the right place by turning to the Buddha Dharma. It’s not an easy path, and no one said it was, but it will provide us with the reliable wisdom tools we are looking for, to awaken to our full potential, andContinue reading “With Every Step You Take”