Weekend Courses, Instructor Trainings, Retreats & Events: Here you have the opportunity to dive deeper into meditation and buddhist philosophy in live meetings with Lama Chimey. To learn more about the practice of Triyana™ Meditation and the Triyana Meditation Instructor Training visit the Triyana Meditation Online Center here.

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WINTER 2022 – 23


What Ritual?

– a conversation with artists and spiritual representatives about the purpose and need of rituals in our modern lives.

Friday November 18th, from 07.00 PM, at Weld, Stockholm.

Weekend Courses for all & Instructor Trainings for enrolled participants

February – enrolment closed.

T.M.I.C.P – Foundational Introduction for enrolled Meditation Instructor Trainees

Saturday & Sunday February 25th & 26th, at Yoga Kendra, Malmö. (Or by Digital Link.)


The Outstanding Women in Buddhism Awards Ceremony – Thailand

Wednesday March 8th Lama Chimey will receive the award “Outstanding Women in Buddhism 2023″ in Thailand. All students of the Buddha Dharma are encouraged to rejoice for ALL outstanding women in Buddhism this day!

Where is our rage?

In the Buddhist tradition there are 51 categories of mental formations. Anger is one of them. Friday March 17th I will hold an active presence at the event “Where is our rage?” at Weld, Stockholm, 7.00 – 9.00 PM.



Triyana Meditation Day – Malmö

Saturday April 29th, at Yoga Kendra, Malmö. Sign up here.


T.M.I.C.P – Closure for enrolled Meditation Instructor Trainees in the Foundational Training

Saturday & Sunday, May 20th and 21th at Yoga Kendra, Malmo, Sweden (or by Digital Link)

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