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Prior to life as a full time engaged Buddhist she offered classes, workshops, and consultations in CM – Conscious Movement™ as the founder of the CM method and the Conscious Movement Instructor Training that she developed as a professional dancer and yoga teacher.

Eventually she followed her calling to live a full time engaged spiritual life, and left her successful business in the field of body mind movement therapy in order to ordain as a Buddhist nun at Palpung Sherabling Monastery with His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche as her ordination master.

Maitreya, the future Buddha, Palpung Sherabling Monastery main altar, Himachal Pradesh, India

Lama Chimey’s mission as a lay Buddhist teacher is to weave the sacred back into everyday life.

She comes from a family of artists and corporate leaders, and are a descendent from the Swedish- Germanic nobility family Fröjdefeldt.

Her guided meditation Album Jord (Earth) with calming music composed and performed by the Swedish cello player Gertrud Stenung has inspired and helped hundreds of people over the years.

This album is in Swedish.

Twelve years a nun

Photo of Lama Chimey in Nepal 2011. © Lama Chimey

Lama Chimey has studied Buddhist philosophy and meditation at multiple International Institutes, and been part of Buddhist sanghas in all three schools of Buddhism; Theravada, Mahayana (Zen) and Vajrayana. She has received many transmissions from several masters of Buddhism, sat retreats, facilitated retreats, attended pujas (ceremonies) conducted pujas, and both arranged and enjoyed pilgrimages in Asia.

As a lineage holder of the Karma Kagyu lineage, with the incomparable 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, as her principal teacher she consider herself very fortunate.

The Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism traces its origin back to the historical Lord Buddha Shakyamuni.

The most important source for the specific practices that characterize the Kagyu order is the great Indian yogi Tilopa, one of the 84 mahasiddhas of India, who first developed the spontaneous insight of enlightened realization. These realization was passed down from teacher to student through the great masters of the lineage, down to the students of today.

Photo of Lama Chimey in Nepal. © Lama Chimey

When her main study commitments in philosophy and meditation were completed she became the assistant shrine keeper at Karma Triyana Dharmachakra, the seat of the Gyalwa Karmapa in upstate New York, USA, and later responded to a request from the Buddhist study group Karma Yönten Ling in Malmö, Sweden where she became the resident teacher.

Today she is the Founder, CEO & Owner of Sky Dancer World with the Triyana Meditation system as her prime trademark.

Lord Yama & This Precious Human Life

Lama Chimey passed away in her twenties due to surgical complications but returned from death in this very same life. She is a Delog Lama, someone who remembers her journey to the beyond. Her guided relaxation “Journey through the bones” holds a depth from this experience, and can be found as a live recording here.

Lama Chimey at her retreat graduation in upstate New York, USA, 2020 Photo © Lama Chimey

Three Years, Three Months & Three Days in Retreat

Lama Chimey sat her three and a half year secluded retreat being trained as a Lama under the Tibetan master Kyabje Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche, in what became Rinpoches last retreat, at Karmeling Retreat Center, in upstate New York, USA. There she engaged in advanced contemplative studies and became one out of only a few women who remained to the end of the retreat and graduated.

Creative Work

Music, performing arts and writing has been close to the core of her being through out life. Lama Chimey has produced, composed and appeared as a singer at several music and meditation albums. Her solo album Mothers & Strangers, was published under her monastic name Chimey Lhatso, and in this production she delivers her own take on classical mantras and prayers in an R&B electro flavored ambient style.

Her poem Redemption was included in The Lunar Calendar WeMoon 2022 “The Magical Dark” and made available through the publisher, Mother Tongue Ink, at major online bookstores.

Early Years

She engaged in spiritual activities early on in life as a member of Stockholm Spiritualistic Association and studied the Bible for a while before she met Buddhism as a teenager. Her first sangha was the Zen Buddhist water cloud sangha in the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden.

In her professional life, she became one of the first TV hosts for Swedish channel 4 (TV4) in the 90s. During the same era, she mainly worked as a choreographer and co-produced stage performances and music videos, out of which one music video won the MTV award for the best video of the year, viewers choice.

“When we long for wisdom to take root in our lives, we’ve come to the right place by turning to the Buddha Dharma.”

— Lama Chimey

The Red Thread

Teaching and guiding others has run as a red thread through her life, wether the subject has been dharma, dance, theater, yoga, meditation or wellbeing.

Her combined passions has created a fertile ground for a synthesis of knowledge to develop, out of which she continuous to create, explore and manifest diverse art, media, spiritual growth programs and healing tools for others.

Speaker Engagements

As a speaker she presents diverse subjects based on her rich life experiences on a number of topics and always has an engaged audience that leaves wishing for more. For that reason she has developed menu of lectures, workshops and study day options for leaders, organizations and companies to choose from. This way those who wish to engage in single or reoccurring events are able to apply knowledge from the Buddhist wisdom treasure case for a sustainable lifestyle, leadership and team work in a time of change.

She lends her heart to environmental issues and has been a facilitator of the Ecosattva Training at One Earth Sangha. She has spoken at international collaboration seminars between scientists and religious leaders such as the ISSREC in Spain. Part of the ISSREC declaration that she co-created has been published in Nature (Journal), the UK based magazine known to be the world’s foremost international weekly scientific journal.

If you wish to grow beyond your current limitations, I can hand you the keys.”

— Lama Chimey

The main motto that has become her signature is one that she picked up from a handwritten note by the public washing sink at the saint Amaji’s pink ashram in India:

– “She didn’t know it was impossible so she did it.”


The way Lama Chimey shares her deep knowledge has enabled me better to understand the traditional techniques and the teachings of Buddhism. It is pure joy to attend her classes.

Lucy Vuorenniemi Pelaez, Manager & Triyana Meditator

I have had many Dharma conversations with Lama Chimey for over ten years now. She has always been able to help clarify things for me with a simple and direct explanation and translation of the Buddha’s teachings!”

Ryan Jampal Mc Ardle, Mental Care Therapist & Dharma Practitioner

Lama Chimey became my teacher during a crucial, deepening phase of my spiritual practice. She has a direct yet gentle teaching style, a cutting through quality, and sets energy in motion. I can warmly recommend her courses!

Anna Wall, Nurse & Dharma Practitioner

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Sky Dancer is the english word for Khandro (Tib.) Dakini (Sanskrit) – an elemental force often depicted as a feminine entity with enormous spiritual power.”

— Lama Chimey

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