How Breath Can Lead Us Back To Compassion

What can we do in these times of great pain to transform our raw emotions that may be stuck inside? What can we do for ourselves and others that are suffering from loss, isolation, and grief?

In the meditation practice of Tonglen, we bring others suffering to mind and exchange our happiness for their pain. Many people find this to be an outrageous thing to do. In times throughout history, when the temporary rulers have labeled this kind of practice in an unfavorable way, it has gone underground and withdrawn to the inner circles of initiated practitioners alone but never perished.

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It’s a transformative practice that is still with us today.

The courageous meditator who is ready to take on this practice of Tonglen – literally “sending & receiving,” will cultivate a healthy sense of exchanging oneself with others and eventually lead the otherwise habitually self-oriented ego to shift its focus.

Breathing for others in times of pain can offer relief from suffering in many kinds of ways. We can begin the practice gently by taking on the suffering of someone we know and love, someone who is hurting or in pain whom we doubtlessly wish to help. It may be a child, a partner, or a friend.

As we start the practice of Tonglen, it’s wise to begin with what we feel comfortable to engage in at the moment. Don’t aim for the most terrible of hell realms when you start this practice. Send someone a good cup of coffee, a good night’s sleep, a healed wound, or whatever else the person likes and needs who might be in a troubled place.

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As we deepen into this practice, we often face our own fear, resistance, and frustration, or whatever tightness we are currently experiencing.

When that happens, we can shift our focus to breathe for everyone else of those other millions of people who are suffering just like us, from similar kinds of emotional states.

Likewise, when we are enjoying something, for example, a peaceful moment in the sun, waking up safe in our home, or having a gorgeous dinner with friends, we can briefly close our eyes and say: may others too have this joy.

We breathe in for all who are caught with that same emotion, and we send our relief through every exhalation to all.

While staying with the breath, we are engaging in this meditation through contacting whatever raw feeling we are experiencing, and we breathe it in for all of us- and then send out relief to all of us. Yourself included.

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The awkwardness of Tonglen is that it goes against the grain when it comes to the habit of wishing the best for ourselves, no matter what that means to others or the environment, hoping that everything will turn out the way we want it to be, without having any concern for others. It helps us to turn our focus outwards.

This practice dissolves the tight crust around our hearts and makes us soft, receptive, and carrying. We keep on breathing without getting too entangled in whatever emotion comes up for ourselves, but focus on what is needed and be done for others’ well-being.

If you make this practice part of your life, it will eventually reverse the usual logic of avoiding suffering for ourselves and continually seeking pleasure. In that process, we begin to access radical acceptance for what is and love for both ourselves and others.

We become liberated from our ancient patterns of fixating on a self and starts to tip into the absolute void of wisdom and compassion inseparable.

By doing the practice, we begin to connect and open up rather than closing down and isolating ourselves. We can use our pain, frustration, and stuckness in a world of semi lockdown as a stepping stone to understanding what people in general are up against all over the world.

Breathe in for all of us and breathe out for all of us. Please.

Breathing for the world – Widening our circles of compassion is a meditation-based in the Tibetan Buddhist Tonglen practice of “sending & receiving.” This meditation can be found on my Sound Cloud account and enjoyed for absolutely free.

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Friendly Reminder, Prepare for Death While You Can!

Do not back down from the fact that one day you will die for sure.

A Buddhist’s life naturally contains the preparation for death. We aim to cultivate positive, happy, virtuous states of mind during our lifetime while abandoning non-virtuous, harmful, and painful states of mind. One of the reasons is that we don’t want our negative states of mind to follow us around from one realm to another, so we cultivate the habit to abandon painful negative emotions – asap. Not hold on to them.

We need to take this seriously and prepare for death while we can. This current human existence is not forever, you know. Death will come, and that is a non-negotiable fact. It’s only the timing that is uncertain.

That potent moment of death is an opportunity for an enormous spiritual breakthrough – if we can keep our mind in a pleasant place, that is. When we are prepared and remember our spiritual practice during the time of death, we do have an excellent chance to succeed. Succeed with what you might ask?

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Well, we have a rare and precious human life right now, but we are not human eternally. We are spirits having a fleeting human experience. As spirits, there are many different forms of existence available to us. We don’t know where we will end up next time, and only karma will show the way. However, there are pure spiritual realms that we can aspire to go to in the life after this. Such as the pure realm of Sukhavati. (Sanskrit) (Dewachen – Tibetan.)

Due to enlightened activities by the most dedicated and the universal law of interdependence, we can benefit from the masters’ good intentions and promises. Such as the promise of the venerable monk Dharmakara.

Venerable Dharmakara made a promise long time ago, that when he got enlightened, he would come to reign in a non-discriminating pure realm, where everyone was welcomed. A paradise where no one would need to be a saint to go to. Even those with faith and determination alone would still have a fair chance to be reborn there. And an even greater chance if they were habituated to let go of hardships and keep the mind at peace.

Dharmakara kept his promise and came to be known as the one we today call Buddha Amitabha (Sanskrit: “Infinite Light”) – the great savior Buddha. He is usually depicted with a red body, sitting in meditation posture (Vajrasana/dhyana-mudra), with a begging bowl in his lap, in front of a small pool of lotus flowers. That’s where we can imagine the new arrivals being re-born.

By being mindful and grateful to the precious life we have now, we can remain ready for death to come at any moment, using our lives well under all circumstances, and always remember the uncertainness of its length.

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Since we have had a lot of focus on sickness, old age, death, and dying this unstable year of 2020, we could use the comforting grace of Amitabha Buddha’s promise and turn to his infinite light to connect with the pure realm of Sukhavati, by making it a habit to chant his name and his mantra.

Therefore I decided to release a beautiful and simple chant of Amitabha’s mantra before years end. (*See note at the end of this post.) One that was performed during a Kirtan concert I gave years ago with some friends in Woodstock. It will be available from Winter solstice, 2020, in itself a powerful day for stepping into a new way of co-existing, beyond life and death, or any other mind made borders.

Whatever hardships we are going through in our lives, we need to remember that suffering is samsara’s nature. (Samsara means “Wandering” – pointing to the cycle of existence.) Not until we have learned how to get out of this habitual mary-go-round and thereby transformed it, we’ll never be free from our suffering – not even if we take our own lives.

On the contrary suicide solves nothing at all. Since it is the mind that experiences suffering, it will not help to leave the body behind. The pain remains after the body drops and follows us into the next state of consciousness. Our concern here is whether the mind can stay harmonious at all times.

All of us have faced significant trials in life, this year not the least, and it’s often by drawing from such difficulties that we find our most precious teachings and inspiration to remain on a healthy spiritual path.

To die without anger or clinging is vital for a happy death and a good rebirth. So since the state of mind at the time of death is vitally important, it’s of significant concern to die with a calm and peaceful mind. Holding on to anger and other negative emotions will not lead you to Amitabha’s Dewachen or any other pure realm for that matter.

So, be gentle with yourself as well as others. Express love and gratitude whenever you can. And when your loved ones are about to pass, energetically permit them to go, especially since they feel your state of mind even more vividly at this point.

But before you can help someone else through the process of death, you need to learn how to prepare for your own. To die with a happy and peaceful mind is a severe spiritual concern. Some are very well prepared for it, but most of us are not, especially if we have never given death a sincere thought.

Preparing for a happy continuation into our next existence depends not on our formal spiritual practice alone but also on how we hold our minds every day and every moment of our lives, especially at death.

Don’t delay your preparation. Start chanting Amitabha Buddhas mantra today, and get the transmission when you can.

Blessed be,

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This is the last blog post from Lama Chimey for Sky Dancer World during 2020. The next article will be posted in January 2021.

*Note: Aum Amideva Hri (Live) with Chimey Lhatso will be released on all major digital music stores online on December 21st, 2020, winter solstice – a day known to most astrologers as The Great Conjunction. May all beings benefit!

Ngöndro – The Portal to Tantra

The sacred so-called Ngöndro practice is the foundational practice of Vajrayana Buddhism. The Ngöndro practices are divided into four sections and are profound and powerful means for achieving a deep purification and transformation in body, speech, and mind. They prepare the practitioner for Vajrayana’s profound path, but they also lead her towards enlightenment in a step-by-step fashion.

It’s designed to prepare the sincere practitioner who wishes to go deep into this path. Without the Ngöndro as beginners on the Vajrayana path, there is a risk that we may go astray further on. The Ngöndro is, therefore, to be considered the portal to the tantric practices. So what exactly is tantra?

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The tantras are the teachings and writings that set out the practices of Vajrayana Buddhism, the third vehicle of Buddhism that mainly comes from old Tibet. This is the form of Buddhism that I’m primarily schooled in. The tantric teachings are based on the principle of the transformation of impure vision into pure vision. It is cultivated as part of the secret Mantra Vajrayana. (The word mantra means that which protects the mind.)

Our practice within the Vajrayana vehicle is based on mantra recitation, visualization, and meditation. In turn, meditation is divided into several different meditation styles, such as Shamatha, Vipassana, Analytical, and Settling meditation.

Most of us in the west often prefer calming or settling meditation initially, while analytical meditation can seem like too much of an effort to start with. It has a more scientific approach to it, which, yes, might appeal to us, but not be in the foreground of our choices when it comes to” choosing” which type of meditation to engage in—speaking of which. Our habit of picking and choosing from the different parts of the path or even different paths may have us end up with nothing. Instead, we recommend examining whatever teachings we come across and settle with a path that we trust. When starting a meditation practice, we recommend beginning with resting or relaxing the mind and then practice analytical meditation only once we have developed some peace of mind. Unless we start building a foundation, our practice will not be stable. Like building a house, we need to begin digging the ground and working on the plumbing.

Once our minds are ready to apply the tantric practices, our ordinary perception is transformed through the step-by-step practice approach towards a ‘sacred outlook,’ where everything is seen and experienced purely in its true nature, through working with the body, energy, and mind. Bypassing the road there and going straight to applying a homemade understanding of sacred outlook without building a foundation is, therefore, a mistake.

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Although Hindu and Buddhist Tantra have many similarities from the outside, they do have some clear distinctions. For example, the Hindu Tantras has many many schools, where Shivaism might be one of the most commonly known Hindu tantric schools, based on Shiva’s recognition as one of the principal deities of Hinduism. The Hindu Tantric texts are based on dialogues between Gods and Goddesses. This dialogue between God and Goddess is a unique feature of Hindu Tantra that has been written down in their scriptures. Unfortunately, most Hindu Tantras remain untranslated, and their origin veiled in mystery outside of the circles of Sanskrit scholars.

While Buddhism recognizes the Gods and Goddesses as part of the samsaric vehicle within their divine domain and respects them deeply, the Buddhist scriptures don’t base the Dharma on them.

The tantras are such high practices that without a solid foundation in pure outlook and a stable mind, one can easily get lost—That’s why it’s recommended to walk through the portal of Ngöndro to start with. So if the tantric path is something that resonates with you, I strongly recommend that you go slowly, take the step by step approach, and dive in gradually under trustworthy guidance.

Blessed be,

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Becoming the Change You Want to See in The World, Part 2:How To Transform Your Life into The Dream You want to Live

To prepare for any significant change we want to make in our life, we can start by creating the habit of actively dreaming about the life that we envision and how wonderful it feels to live it, as if it’s already our reality.

The first secret is to prepare for your dream to come true by acknowledging the daily treasures you already have, a cup of coffee, watching the sunset, taking a hot shower, breathing. Count your blessings and express gratitude every day for the small things in life and that which you already appreciate. Take nothing for granted. Whatever is here today might be gone tomorrow. Everything is continuously transforming. By actively preparing for the changes you wish to see in your life by creating the ground of a grateful attitude will, when taken seriously, serve as a springboard to a successful manifestation of your wishes since gratitude is the foundation for bringing more happiness into our lives.

To begin with, ask yourself these three questions:
1.What qualities and deeds are you grateful for with your self? 2.What qualities and deeds are you appreciating in someone else who is present in your life? 3.And how about in the world?

A conscious programming of the mind as a preparation for your life’s new direction will transform your sense of doubt, stuckness, and hopeless free-falling into clarity and confidence that you’re in charge of your life. Maybe not every little bit of it jet, but your attitude towards manifesting will change immediately, no doubt. As we can’t change anyone else’s mind, we can only work with our own, and that’s all we need to gain more sustainable happiness. This way of actively choosing to be grateful creates a ground from which you can take a more confident step towards aligning with what makes you happy.

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The second secret is to dream wide awake as it makes the dream come alive. Making active choices and knowing that all it takes to change your life is your courage to consciously choose the dream. Don’t allow any unexpected circumstances to sweep you along. There is no need to stay uncomfortable. And no one on the outside to blame for how your life is manifesting. You are the designer of your life. If you’re not happy with how things are currently playing out, choose again, my friend. Take charge of your waking life by having a clear vision and determination to set sails for journeying towards having your dearest dream come alive!

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The third secret is to use the power of choice even as you sleep. For example, if you have the good fortune to enter states of conscious dreaming or being aware within the dream (a.k.a lucid dreaming,) know that this is where you can plant deep transformational seeds in your mind. (Sankalpa in Sanskrit) Let the seeds blossom in a good way, instead of being helplessly lead by your mind where ever. When awareness of the dream within the dream happens, know that you’re dreaming while dreaming (without waking up in excitement as you discover that you can control your dreams.) To try this out for yourself, you can start with downloading this f r e e Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep)where I will guide you.

By learning to stay calm and aware and awake while you dream, you can program the awake states otherwise zombie-like manners of helplessly being swept in any direction, to a lifestyle of conscious choices by firmly planting your visionary seeds while sleep-dreaming, as well as when you’re dreaming wide awake.

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The first step towards implementing these transformational tools in your sleep is to get out of the habit of” fainting” into dreamless sleep states where your conscious responses are so dormant that you have no idea of what happened the last couple of hours once you wake up.

Lastly, by making a clear statement of your wish, including how and when it’s going to manifest, and repeating that statement to yourself before you go to sleep, you are preparing the ground. Then, when you’re about to fall asleep, make the decision that you will recognize that you are dreaming while in the dream. Don’t give up on this exercise. It’s not a magic tool that I’m carelessly giving away nor a resonant transmission of any sort. It’s merely a simple suggestion in this step-by-step guide to creating your dream life. Once you start, keep it up for as long as it takes to develop this new skill.

To successfully develop these lucid dreaming skills to program your mind to align with your dearest dream’s outer manifestations, it’s necessary to first awaken to the limitless possibility of creating your conscious dreamlife and trust that you can make it happen. If you carry any hesitations or doubts with you into this, it won’t work.

If you wish to go even further, engage in authentic ancient wisdom proven to lead you to deep insight. Instructions can be handed to you by the masters, and you will find that humbly engaging in these kinds of pearls of wisdom will transform your life and that you better have the right guidance and be prepared for it before you start. Don’t just apply the methods from any random book that says it will work, nor take my word alone for it.

Find a trustworthy master who can guide you and commit to it. If finding a competent guide is a challenge for you, well, then that might be the first thing to pray for. The possibility to create your dream life, including the wisdom of lucid dreaming as one of the keys to change your life, is within your reach. Once you’ve taken the necessary steps towards having that key in your possession, the benefits that come from consciously dreaming wide awake are limitless, and the practice of this visionary wisdom-art a remarkable companion to rely on beyond the limitations of time.

Whether we have the good fortune to walk in the prominent yogi Naropas footsteps to incorporate conscious dreaming in our lives or not, whether we walk on this earth executing our freedom of choice or not, and despite what background or identity we carry, every one of us can shift our mindsets on the spot, right here, right now by merely applying the first step asking your self; 1.What qualities and deeds are you grateful for with your self? 2.What qualities and deeds are you appreciating in someone else who is present in your life? 3.And how about in the world?

This will immediately shift the state of your mind to one of gratitude, and you can ask your self these questions at any given moment that you feel you’re slipping into a more dull mind state. Then, when you’re ready, learn to dream wide awake and have your wishes come alive through a clear statement about the same. After all, it’s all a dream, it’s just a dream, and it’s a real dream, which means that we can choose to fill that dream with our hearts’ deepest longing.

Why would we do anything but that?

Blessed be,

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Becoming the Change You Want to See in The World, Part I: Take a Leap of Faith

Let me start by asking you this: Exactly what are you planning to do with this short, wild, precious life of yours? What leap of faith would be required to make the change you want to see in your life? Are you willing to make that change – and when?

Like with all significant transitions, whether it’s your spiritual path, relationship, politics, location, or personal identity – change will call us out on a cliff every so often. The good news is that whether our mind is set up or not for the giant leap when that moment comes, it is actually up to us. Living the life you want to live means becoming accustomed to repeatedly making leaps of faith, and there are ways you can prepare for it.

During our journey through existence, our awakening hearts repeatedly calls us out into deep unknown waters. It’s a calling that might strike us like a brick in the head or a set of harmonizing chords from a passionately mesmerizing string quartet.

Hard as a rock or unbearably beautiful, either way, impossible to ignore.

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To follow that calling means losing our foothold and free-falling into the abyss of our unknown – or known dreams. When you actively prepare for life-changing events, you are consciously walking into new territory instead of helplessly free-falling into new circumstances where you might end up feeling like a victim instead.

In the middle of a leap of faith, you can, of course, never know for sure whether your life will shift in a favorable direction or not. When the time of change comes, we have to let go of who we know ourselves to be and jump. As change is both an ongoing challenge and an inevitable part of life, we can all serve ourselves better through acquiring some skills to deal with it. And even so, if you succeed to land on your two feet after having jumped ship, it can still be confusing at first to find our selves in new terrain. That’s the way things are, and we need to do our best to befriend whatever shift is going on.

As for all of us, with life-changing transitions, it’s likely that they have first been initiated by an inner knowing that was present before our outer circumstances shifted, whether we listened to that precognition or not.

Squarely facing the fact that we are always in minor transition and accepting that fact instead of insisting on negotiating with it, we are already on a path towards greater alignment.

It is more important than ever to trust our brave hearts to lead the way during uncertain times like this. How could it be otherwise?

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Getting accustomed to life’s inevitable uncertainties can also serve as a preparation for more advanced leaps of faith further ahead on our path. We therefore do rightly to get accustomed to having the rug pulled every so often.

My path as a renunciate western woman can, for instance, stand as a general example when it comes to facing the outcome after having jumped the ship of lay life.

In some ways, I can see that my renunciate path has been very blessed and fortunate. In other ways, it only adds on to many of the insufficient hardships experienced by several of those who dare to take a similar kind of leap.

Still, isn’t it better to leap of faith and jump, even if so only with the parachute of your dreams? Then to wait for a signal from who knows where or when to make the change we are longing for? Isn’t it better to leap of faith than having the idea of pausing in mid-air to wait for a more certain direction to appear, a choice that usually means landing on our face instead of on our feet? Isn’t it better to take a leap of faith than to stay in our ingrained cocoons and waste our opportunity to leave our outworn nest instead of sore like butterflies in the sky?

Listen. When was there ever a moment of certain outcomes that could guarantee a favorable situation ahead? Has it ever helped to sit around and wait for a change to happen? What just excuses are you convincing yourself about to stay put in a situation you don’t want to be in and let your dreams remain on the shelf? Remember that we are dealing with a talented chess player in the game of life here called time, and this non-negotiable player has zero patience with our whims and hesitations. The only choice we have around taking that leap of faith, whatever it is that needs to shift for you, is now.

The shift begins with the conviction that you see the futility of keeping going down the same path you are currently going. That your life the way it’s set up right now, or parts of it, just isn’t working any longer – or never has. The leap of faith is an active choice from your side, born out of trust that you have a choice. The leap of faith involves growing an essential belief in your capability of taking full responsibility for your life without being self-indulgent. By standing firm in a fundamental trust in the vision of who, what, and where you want to be, you jump off the cliff into your wildest dreams. Even if only with your dreams as your parachute.

Blessed be,

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Carry Your Noble Heart into the World

To find a way walking through life with a noble heart is not a matter of what cast, statues, or creed you’re born in too. It’s about the spirit with which you carry yourself. In your meeting with others, you’ll find the best mirror for self-reflection to really come up close with the truth of how you are carrying yourself in the world.

To love a thousand in your mind and stay in a secluded retreat forever, is a good practice, but it doesn’t really serve the purpose as to carry out a noble heart in the world when aiming to nurture and develop the noble heart of a Bodhisattva.

This Nobel ideal is best known from the wise and profound Buddhist culture of ancient Tibet, and are set into motion in our day and age through our everyday meetings.

Through being present, through staying with what is and not turning back from what is uncomfortable, but staying open this ideal can be met. At the same time it’s not about sticking it out through any uncomfortable circumstance, or swimming against the tide no matter what. Nor is it about wearing out our capacity of staying alive to its ruins.

It’s about finding a way to stay noble and true to our awakening hearts, and have the courage to do so.

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Prior to life as a nun, I was a wellness educator and the founder of CM – Conscious Movement. ™ A body & mind movement practice that I founded decades ago and taught for many years to many students. When we were practicing CM ™ we acknowledged whatever raw emotion came up, along with any impulse to shrink back from what was stirred up by the movement. Through continuously moving on we found a time in space to be with ourselves without getting stuck, nor being in denial. Given the chance of this generous moment, and by using it well, we had the opportunity to free ourselves from identification with some long-lived and well-nurtured habits right on the spot.

Through leaning into the sorest findings inch by inch, while riding on the breath until the pain didn’t frighten us anymore, we learned how others felt the same. And through the compassion that awakened, we could let go of our own painful self fixation and find ourselves in the realization of peaceful stillness. Wishing others could be free from similar pain too. Inch by inch, breath by breath we awakened the noble heart.  

To stand still in the midst of movement and listen to the hearts longing to be heard is something we can all train ourselves in, and a true gift to one and all. This entitles the courage of being true to one another in the midst of a stained world system created by our collective habitual fear born out of the illusion of separation.

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We all want to be happy and we all have had the experience of fear, loss, pain, and blame. Likewise, we have all been each other’s mothers in this swirl of lifetimes upon lifetimes and we all wish for the same. May we be happy, may we be free, may we be healthy, may we be safe.

In the awakening heart, there is no distinction between us and them. There is only the heartfelt wish for everyone to be equally peacefully free. Truly free. Knowing that others honestly want the same we give birth to the aim to bring everyone there through embodying the wisdom and compassion of the noble heart awakening.

Only respect for and recognition of what is true can lead us there. No one wants to have a back turned to them when they’re in pain and despair or reaching out to connect. Nothing will solve our, since time without beginning self-created worldly problems, unless we dare to be with whatever raw emotions are stirred up without acting on it, acknowledge any impulse to shrink back from it, feel it and continuously move on from it to find space to be free and not get stuck in loops of pain. Any initial emotional reaction is said to linger for 90 seconds. Everything after that is our mind grasping and holding on to that initial feeling and turning it into a loop. The moment has gone. Let it be. Changing our habits and standing up for each other is not going to take less than that. Feel what is stirred up by the moment, acknowledge its rawness and let it go. Forgive. Confess. Move on.

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It’s time to cultivate our noble hearts and wake up to our inborn nature. Our full potential is awaiting us as soon as we stop being so self fixated. Think about others, walk in their shoes and carry this true nobility out in the world with respect for one another. Shower yourself with good wishes as well as your loved ones, your so-called enemies and strangers alike. Shortly, send some love and care to all our, at least once in some lifetime, nurturing, carrying and loving Mothers, pray that all will be free from pain, and aim to re-pay each other’s kindness within one lifetime.

Our true selves, which are neither this nor that, but an abiding presence of all there is an eternity of wakefulness, an egoless wisdom presence that effortlessly holds itself in carrying, loving nobility. Our true home is the pulsing noble heart that spontaneously full fills wishes of love, good health, joy, and peace. These are the qualities that we too can come to know ourselves to be inherently when we have the courage to carry out the noble heart into the world.

Blessed be,

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Overcoming Hindrances on the Path to Clarity

Being blindly led by desire triggered by the incoming sensory information to any of the five gates; seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling will lead us off the cliff. So will hatred, aggression, ill will, dislike, and meanness.

These are the first significant hindrances to recognize when it comes to successfully climbing to the top of the mountain of clarity, while remaining peace. There are many other factors, too, that can come in our way. And if we back out of our set intention to wake up to our highest potential, we will never reach the top of our desired goal. While if we remain focused on our set purpose, we will be able to stand in and act from our wise love power for the good of all.

We can step aside and let others pass us on the journey towards realizing our full capacity and surrender to the unhelpful habit of sloth and torpor. A sidestep that can and will, if it is prolonged, lead us down the road to apathy, depression, and self-doubt. Likewise, if all our minds are engaged in is the restless thoughts of the past and future, we will fail to stay present to the here and now, and never fully blossom.

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Waking up to our inherent truth has never been subject to fleeing into daydreams, fantasies, memories, and distractions. As the road towards clarity is often long and strenuous for most of us, it’s easy to entertain the idea of giving up.

Giving in to old habits and standard rules set by society, we slip downwards to lower existences without even taking note of what is going on. Ignorance keeps us blindfolded and absorb us into the busyness of being poisoned by our desires born out of sense pleasures where we doubt our capabilities and blame others for our incapacity to get to where we would like to be.

While waking up may take lifetimes to happen, the instance it does, all time seems irrelevant, and the past, future, and nowness is all washed away.

Before having the sweet taste of freedom on your tongue, it’s easy to neglect the fact that this is what our journey through existence is all about. Don’t let the outer circumstances fool you, but take refuge under the umbrella of the eternal sun. Lift your gaze high and focus on that top of the snow-clad mountain as you ascend higher and higher in your evolution, not only as a human being but also as a spirit independent of the flesh.

Go for it. Climb that mountain. What awaits you at the top is all yours, and always has been.

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We can help ourselves on our journey to recognize what state of mind we are in currently. Check-in with yourself a couple of times daily, and you shall see that it distances you from the chronic entanglement with thought forms, their structure as well as their storyline.

Accept what is there, accept you for where you’re currently are at, and let it be as it is. Instead of drowning in your minds unceasing creations learn to investigate the thought structures as immaterial hollow substance jet with the powerful potential to shape your relative reality, consciously or unconsciously.

The more you can set your goal towards realizing your thoughts’ emptiness, the clearer the winding ways towards the top of the mountain will become.

Whatever comes up, ask yourself what the consequences will be of following such thoughts. Because whatever you think and put into action will become your world. You are not this body, it’s a temporary guesthouse. You are not this mind; it’s a fleeting structure of impermanence. You are not the name you call yourself; its a label given to you for easy recognition and communication in your daily life. Neither are you any of all the different emotions that come bubbling up from one moment to the next. Don’t identify with all of this. Step out of the spinning wheel of samsara. It will take you nowhere but round in circles. Instead bow to the lessons of the hindrances and keep going! Climb that mountain. A treasure awaits you at the top. So the wise have promised.

Blessed be,

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This is Your Perfect Moment – to move beyond peace & gain clarity

It has been said that meditation can transform our brain in eight weeks. All it takes is a regular meditation practice of half an hour a day. By meditating, certain areas related to memory, empathy, stress, and those responsible for our attention and emotional integration are modified and enhanced. The impact of meditation has so many advantages, and it has been proven to change us quickly and have far-reaching results.

To indeed have a lasting transformation for our own and others good, we need to sustain and uphold a regular meditation practice. Just like brushing our teeth won’t do much good if we only brush them once in a while. Likewise, with something far more essential and everlasting such as the benefits of meditation, we need to take our practice a little bit more seriously.

In Vajrayana Buddhism, we don’t merely meditate to find a moment of peace or gain a stronger sense of presence but break through the habitual barrier that stands between us and the realization of our full potential.

Yes, it is well known that meditation leads to modifications in the brain’s regions related to memory, self-awareness, empathy, and stress. And that the sacred practice of meditation can initially be used to improve our mental health, while creating a starting point for further development on the spiritual path.

Self-improvement, when done thoroughly, can lead to the discovery of no-self. It’s a dangerous prospect, though, since it is a destructive process breaking down the structures of what we so long have identified our selves to be, it requires sincere and authentic guidance.

Even though some of our practices in the Vajrayana tradition looks very alluring and intriguing with all its colorful rituals, fragrances, and enchanting melodies, one does best to dive in gradually. Chose to do so with the guidance of someone who holds an authentic lineage and have a good intention behind their actions.

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When we meditate, we do not only feel better. Sometimes we even feel worse, to be honest. The discoveries we make by relaxing and activate the alpha frequencies in the brain not only lead to the structure of the brain becoming refined. The mind stream is activated and modifies the flesh on a fundamental level and reforms it. As our mind changes and we create new patterns in our brain and nervous system structure, everything follows along. The deeper we go into our practice, our body and outer environment change too. So does our outlook and how we relate to our world the longer we get on the path.

If we meditate diligently, one of the changes that we will be able to appreciate first is the ability to stay in the present moment with whatever comes up. Then a sharpened focus and an ability to process information with less storyline and get faster. Setting aside disturbing thoughts and emotions about the past and the future, even for a short while every day, helps to reset our mind frame to continue our day with greater ease.

As I have mentioned, meditation not only induces a state of relaxation, but allows us to align our selves with who we indeed are beyond this human form by exploring who we are not. Thanks to working with the mind, we will manage our speech and thoughts more pleasantly. This makes a noticeable impact on our interactions with ourselves and others. How ever, if our meditation practice is derived from the platform of exemplary ethical behavior and a favorable outlook on the world, it’s frankly quite useless.

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Before practicing meditation, we must be aware that great respect must be shown towards the subject. Only an authentic path practiced with discipline, one that requires great determination, intellectual effort, and habituation, will lead to success with an able instructor’s help.

Even a dog can perform a one-pointed concentration if you offer it a biscuit. As human beings, we have the potential to move beyond that capacity, so let’s expect a little bit more from ourselves.

If you have been on a spiritual path, are working as a counselor in the matters of the mind, or have an inclination towards self-improvement – and you have been doing that for a while – you may want to consider finding a path and a teacher that resonates with you to take your possible awakening a step further.

Having entered this realm of human beings that brings so many benefits, you have now to dedicate time to reflect on how you want to utilize this rare opportunity and put it into motion. Choose what resonates with your heart and” ready or not” take that first step today.

Don’t wait for a” perfect moment” because then you risk never to get anywhere.

The step you take today doesn’t have to be grandiose. Start with one little step, and the rest will follow. Make that phone call, buy the book, contact the teacher, whatever has been on your mind for a while.

Whenever you are ready, the path will unfold for you. Do you understand this?

Without a doubt, this will be the most crucial step you will take in your life to turn yourself into that beautiful, wise, kindhearted being you always were, but covered up with so many storylines.

Having an authentic path is the greatest gift in a lifetime. I can’t emphasize the importance of taking a leap of faith enough to enhance our self-worth, self-love, compassion towards others, and many more benefits that follow as we travel towards the deep understanding of no-self, no-other.

I wish you nothing but the best for you.

Anyone can do this who can direct their attention and move beyond it.
And we can be better people each day, for the benefit of both ourselves and others.

Blessed be,

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Appreciating the Rainbow

We live in a dream. With a reality that is as solid as a rainbow.

Before defining what we experience has even begun, there is a pause, a gap that we seldom notice. A space free from any concept that most of us never pay much attention to.

We repeatedly miss the chance to leap through that gap to what could become our most remarkable discovery. In our daily life, we keep holding on to the illusion that nothing ever changes, no one dies – at least not anyone” I” know, and that the table we have in our kitchen is the same as it was yesterday.

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Whatever we have become aware of rests in its non-conceptual form before it comes into consciousness. When it does, it first appears in its purest form, without a concept, name, and no need to have an opinion around it.

A sound is a sound, a smell is a smell, a taste is a taste, a form is a form.
Not beautiful, not ugly, not right nor wrong, not yours nor mine.

We get lost in our opinions and standpoints about what we perceive and start to defend our position based on the same. A sense of separation is there. We can sense it as a churning feeling in our guts, a tightening in the throat, or a pressure over the solar plexus. And when we experience any resistance from the world around us, that which we perceive as being out there and separate from” us,” we start to defend our creations with all that we have, which in turn strengthens a sense of self – and so an ego has been solidified.

Simultaneously, without a sense of self, it’s hard to co-exist in this world. The dualistic perspective is not to be discarded entirely. That’s a dangerous prospect.

It’s practical to have a personality structure and a sense of self to rely on. Jet, it’s of utter importance that we gain a comprehensive understanding of how our minds and senses work. That way, we can more easily pull our head out of our self-created ant pile now and then and fill up with some fresh air.

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Our hearing so quickly produces anger, our seeing creates desire, and likewise do we habitually create other poisons through our other four senses. Smelling, tasting, touching, and the mind by applying likes and dislikes to all pure phenomena after they have gone through the distancing show of our creations.

Walking through life with a sense of me and others, them, and us comes from creating and reinforcing this false sense of self and separation.

The Ego is nothing but a heap of habits, memories, and ideas that we identify with.
And in this way, most of us carry out our lives without ever appreciating the rainbow.
From an ultimate perspective, the subject-object relationship is an illusion. There are awareness, yes, but no self-existing independent self or objects. If you look closely, you will see that the dream knows itself. Not” you.” What is illuminating the objects is the lucidity of the mind itself.

Who is dying? Like the Zen saying goes.

The near-death experience I had decades ago changed my life forever. The first steps of the bardo were clear and are still vivid in my mind. The unadulterated bliss of mind that explodes spontaneously at this point goes far beyond what we call I. No doubt about it. Our mind streams continue beyond this body and our current life, and it has nothing to do with Ego or personality structure. Only thing is – we don’t know where we will end up next time…but that’s a topic for another blog post. That which never dies is a non-personal lucid awareness that permeates everything, jet it is all, at the same time.

Everyone who dies experience this. Some even realize it within this lifetime. It’s not an exclusive experience. It’s just that most of us forget this from life to life.

We can train our minds to penetrate the seemingly tangible reality with proven tools for awakening from illusion into the awakened dream. We can all do this, because it’s what we are.
You’re sitting on a treasure case, and it’s up to you to open it or let it remain closed.

If you just read about this as an inspirational text, absolutely nothing will change for you. You have to enter the process of deconstruction bravely. Don’t keep it conceptual. Get into your daily meditations and start to settle your mind and get it ready for deeper explorations of your old way of perceiving the world until it crumbles. We can change our shared reality from a place of separation to one of unity by continually reminding ourselves about the view.

Yes, we can.

Blessed be,

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The Hourglass

I feel like I’ve been swimming toward the shores of no return since time beyond beginning. Especially since these last twelve years of my life have been an unwavering focus on the path.
Devoting myself entirely to the dissolution of my identities, structures, and internal programming, I’ve let everything else fall, but the path.

Following the sunlight of the wisdom teachings, sitting at the feet of the wise and the brave who have gone before me, sending out hales of purification prayers and bowing to the most profound truth.

I shaved my head and sent my long curly locks to a new destiny as wigs for children who had lost theirs due to leukemia and cancer. I left a successful business as a teacher-training facilitator and founder of my body-mind practice behind. I traveled through sacred places and received transmissions from those who have gone beyond. I journeyed deep into the Dharma, and watched everything else crumble into dust while the gifts and challenges beyond my imagination presented themselves.

All the while, holding on to the spiritual practices that I was given that spurred me on to a more in-depth uncovering of self and samsara. At the same time, trusting that at some point, there would be an end to the journey. An arrival at a point of no return, a stepping out of the veiled truth into the sunlight and on to the Absolute’s unshakable shores.

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I had begun to wonder if my capability to apply the teachings that would lead me to the other shore was just an overestimation of what was possible for me. I was carrying a significant undertaking on my shoulders while getting weaker and older with every step and already shortly felt crushed under its weight while I stubbornly kept on walking. Further on, I started to slip into the thought train that this might be the way things were going to be from now onward. There was no obvious way out. I had to crawl forward without any light insight.

And as is often the case with such a total and complete process of spiritual undertaking, it doesn’t always make sense to those around us. I couldn’t expect that others would comprehend my intentions nor my sound urge to follow the calling. All I could do was turn with compassion to those who loved me and worried for me as they lost their patience with the constant process of letting go that runs like a red thread through my life. Basking in the grace of the masters that have reached beyond became my rainbow tail to follow. Realizing that doing it my way and my way only was not sufficient enough and never had been. I was ready to surrender to the loving guidance from the force that knows.

Through all and any profound transitions that we undergo in this journey called life, it can be hard to reach through the noise of worldly concerns and samsaric whereabouts. To fully communicate to our loved ones what is going on, and let them know that we are genuinely ok inside of it all.

I had been nearing the crescendo of a massive transformation for years before this undertaking. And my whole being knew that I had to give space to the unfolding that was bursting inside me while being led by the Gurus grace. Arriving at the other shore seemed to be within my reach until it all subsided back into worldly concerns again—a humbling experience for a spiritual warrior who still has the taste of the indescribable on her tongue. The habitual tendencies were so dominant that they override the portal that had been opened. The portal left only a narrow opening left, where a tiny stream of light could seep through the crack. Karma, ignorance, habits, and all the rest that veils the absolute was still in play, and very much so.

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A serene passage towards awakening had revealed itself to withdraw again and land in the periphery just outside my reach. A progressive peeling of layers to make way for the strong undercurrents of non-personal transformation begun anew. Becoming enlightenment prone while still a samsaric being in a step by step process is an undertaking that many of us are facing right now. How ever, total transformation doesn’t happen overnight – until it does.

Dying and dying again, being born and being born again, traveling through the different bardos up and down and sideways and back again. Getting the teachings, having a genuine understanding beyond words, and starting all over again and again and again. For how many more times shall we do this? Appreciating this precious human life where we can practice until we drop dead and maybe maybe with the right amount of merits gathered free-fall into whatever was in the end.

Never giving up as His Holiness the Dalai Lama says. Its never too late to follow our hearts, but we have to realize that the clock is ticking. This human life is not forever. Listen—Tik-Tok, tik-tok, tik-tok. We are wasting our precious opportunity. The grains of sand are falling to the bottom of the hourglass. Let’s not waste our chances to awaken to our full potential anymore. Let’s ride the waves of a deeper calling and follow our hearts into the abyss. Lets free fall. Let’s go to the other shore of no return.

I pray that where I’ve been and what I’ve come through may serve as an inspiration and a warning to you and that whoever is ready to hear the urgent call to action for prioritizing your awakening will listen to that roaring call.

We have work to do, and yes, we can do this, so let’s get to it!

Blessed be,

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