Leaders – The future belongs to you who dare to embody feminine wisdom

The Divine Feminine is getting loader in society today, claiming her equal status as the queen of existence. We need her traits to survive! So take them, adopt them, nurture them within you and hurray them on in others as well as in society at large!

We don’t have to look far to find these balancing qualities. These are traits that live naturally within us all. Qualities that have been beaten, neglected, and suppressed for thousands of years. Characteristics that are unstoppable ones their humble waiting posture have been thrown aside and SHE starts to rise to the throne – like now.

Contrary to popular belief, feminine qualities are not limited to biological women. It has nothing to do with gender identity whatsoever. 

As we move through these times of transition, we must get used to that labeling traits as masculine or feminine reflects popular perception rather than evidence-based fact.

Yes, qualities such as; Empathy, Emotional Intelligence, Community building, Intuition, Environmental Awareness and Inclusiveness are traditionally identified with women, while qualities such as Courage, Independence, Assertiveness, Drive, Competitiveness, Protection and Hierarchical structures are generally associated with men.

As of now, we are forced out of the gender limiting box. We are a collectively starting to explore our complete existence beyond the former gender box for the first time in millennia. 

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Each and every individual, and most of all leaders of all traits, are waking up to what sought-after qualities needed in the world today look like. It’s those that are called feminine.

To produce excellent results for leaders of any gender, we need a healthy combination of all our qualities to not remain as it has been up until now with divided quality sectors. Superior leadership is born when all our traits are applied beyond historical restrictions and false claims of one heap of qualities being better than the other.

Being sensitive to others’ thoughts and feelings, acknowledging others’ know-how, and not being afraid to ask for help, prioritizing community-building, seeking to serve others – before dominating others, sharing, listening, and supporting. These are the traits that belongs to our future leaders. Giving life, not taking it, are some of the healthy guidelines to adopt in today’s leadership, no matter where we are on the gender spectrum. 

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The Divine Feminine is on the rise after patiently waiting for thousands of years, and now there’s nothing that can stop her! 

In Tibetan Buddhist mythology, she is often depicted as a dancing goddess with fierce gestures and bared fangs as a symbol of interconnectedness. A reminder that we all possess these qualities. To differentiate between any of our inherent qualities is plain ignorance. 

Allow me to use Hildegard von Bingen’s words, a German medieval Benedictine Abbess and contemplative artists, to depict an illustration of the divine feminine: 

“She is so bright and glorious that you cannot look at her face or her garments for the splendor with which she shines. For she is terrible with the terror of the avenging lightning, and gentle with the goodness of the bright sun; and both her terror and gentleness are incomprehensible to humans. But she is with everyone and in everyone, and so beautiful is her secret that no person can know the sweetness with which she sustains people and spares them in inscrutable mercy.” 

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As our society and planet are cast into the alarming fright of environmental downfall due to an imbalance between our inherent feminine and masculine qualities, we have to give voice to HER and implement these qualities now before it’s too late. To survive and live harmoniously on the planet, we have to nourish the divine feminine with no delay. Because, when the Masculine and Feminine are out of balance, the natural result is chaos. That’s where we are currently at. Let us change that.

Our world – the very survival of our species – depends on the rise of the Divine Feminine.
Embrace her. Welcome her. Honor her.

The 17th Karmapa has said: ”Our ideas about what it means to be a woman or a man – that is, our gender constructs – are given meaning and importance in our day-to-day reality. Gender identities permeate so much of our experience that it is easy to forget that they are just ideas – ideas created to categorize human beings. Nevertheless, the categories of masculine and feminine are often treated as if they were eternal truths. But they are not. They have no objective reality. Because gender is a concept, it is a product of our mind – and has no absolute existence that is separate from the mind that conceives of it. Gender categories are not inherently real in and of themselves.”

Traits such as inclusiveness, intuition, supportiveness, gentleness, cooperativeness, empathy, affection, and circular leadership have been cited as stereotypically feminine. Still, they are all neutral and inherent, just as their counterparts. This is the time to incorporate them all, our healthy so-called feminine and our healthy so-called masculine qualities, and become whole human beings beyond gender labels for the sake of a brighter future. 

I wish you happy inclusiveness, in yourself as well as in society at large.

Blessed be,

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Published by Lama Chimey

Meditation & Dharma Teacher, Ordained Buddhist Minister, Performing Artist & CEO of Sky Dancer World

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