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News! The Lunar Calendar WeMoon 2022 “The Magical Dark,” contains Lama Chimey’s poem “Redemption! ” Available through the publisher at major online stores.

The WeMoon Calendar helps you to keep track of the moon in conjunction with your practice on and off the cushion.

The 2022 edition of the WeMoon lunar calendar contains Lama Chimey’s poem “Redemption.” (Lama’s poem is represented in all formats of the calendar including an excerpt in the wall calendar.)

The keys to the path are awaiting you!

Throughout the SDW community the discussion about the need for spiritual growth and maturity in the spiritual/healing community is ongoing. Join us for inspiration, education or to just be a fly on the wall. If you are a professional yoga teacher, therapist or life coach who feel inclined to go deeper with support from a community we are here for you!

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