The Hourglass

I feel like I’ve been swimming toward the shores of no return since time beyond beginning. Especially since these last twelve years of my life have been an unwavering focus on the path.Devoting myself entirely to the dissolution of my identities, structures, and internal programming, I’ve let everything else fall, but the path. Following theContinue reading “The Hourglass”

Love Knows No Colors

We need to walk in other’s shoes to feel what they are going through genuinely. Make their happiness and sorrow, worries and concern our own. We cant merely stay on the outside looking in. We need to embrace the fact that we are one humanity and that Earth seen from Space does not have bordersContinue reading “Love Knows No Colors”

Turning the Wheel of Time

The impact of natural time on our bodies’ rhythm to follow the moon, sun, and earth phases could be argued to be a forgotten wisdom. And along with it, the body’s capacity for change and renewal in line with nature, as well as our understanding of cosmos. By rediscovering our mind-body-cosmos connection and transforming theContinue reading “Turning the Wheel of Time”

With Every Step You Take

When we long for wisdom to take root in our lives, we’ve come to the right place by turning to the Buddha Dharma. It’s not an easy path, and no one said it was, but it will provide us with the reliable wisdom tools we are looking for, to awaken to our full potential, andContinue reading “With Every Step You Take”

The Evolution we are in

It’s happening. We are in the middle of a vast and fast pace of Evolution that is throwing out the old paradigms in a blink of an eye. This transition is not limited to the so called top 1% of humanity, a particular race or country. Nor is it a gender question. We are allContinue reading “The Evolution we are in”

From Earth to Earth…

In my early twenties, I had a personal close up encounter with death that became a close call to ceasing to exist from this current human life altogether. I had been back and forth to a hospital for reoccurring emergency surgeries due to undefined stomach pain for some months. Eventually, during the third surgery preparationsContinue reading “From Earth to Earth…”

Challenges with bringing the Dharma to the West

After some years of studying, receiving empowerments, and being close to the masters in India and Nepal, in particular my main Lama, the Gyalwa Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje, I went back to the West with his blessing. At first, I came to live in New York, at Karma Triyana Dharma Chakra, the Gyalwa Karmapa’s mainContinue reading “Challenges with bringing the Dharma to the West”

A global citizens outlook

Knowing no borders nor clinging to a creed or fixed state of mind. Moving with the wind, faster than the speed of light. Reaching beyond and bringing it home. Welcoming all, both intellectual and drone. I’m here because I have something valuable to share. I’m making myself available to the ever-expanding net of equality throughContinue reading “A global citizens outlook”