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As a speaker Lama Chimey presents diverse subjects based on her rich life experiences on a number of topics and always has an engaged audience that leaves wishing for more. For that reason she has developed a menu of lectures, workshops and study day options for leaders, organizations and companies to choose from. This way those who wish to engage in single or reoccurring events are able to apply knowledge from the Buddhist wisdom treasure case for a sustainable lifestyle, wise leadership and a harmonious team work in a time of change.

Lama Chimey, a seasoned stage performer and prominent public figure, offers a wealth of experience that seamlessly blends her captivating stage presence with her role as an inspiring speaker. With a remarkable history of engaging international seminars and leading transformative wisdom workshops for esteemed companies, Lama Chimey provides authentic tools for personal and professional growth. Her dynamic insights, drawn from a long and distinguished career, make her a compelling choice for any event or organization seeking a speaker who embodies both artistry and authentic wisdom. Contact us now to secure an opportunity to engage with Lama Chimey’s unparalleled expertise.

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