The Triyana Meditation Instructor Certification Program

Sky Dancer World is offering the T.M.I.C.P “Triyana Meditation Instructor Certification Program.” It’s a three level online training program to be started anytime and completed within the recommended time frame of 9-12 months. The Training is designed for spiritual professionals, who can apply these practices to their healing work and get better results for themselves, and their students and clients as well. The T.M.I.C.P thus offers a path to certification for those who wish to become authorized to use the Triyana Meditation method with students of Yoga, and clients in a coaching or therapeutic setting. T.M.I.C.P offers a supportive connection with our team of therapists and practitioners as personal mentors during the training to guide you through your process. The T.M.I.C.P trainees and team has access to its own private Facebook group and scheduled online live book studies, webinars, Q&As and transmissions with Lama Chimey.

Triyana meditation is built upon all the three yanas of Buddhism; Theravada, Mahayana & Vajrayana practices. Our approach presents a complete step-by-step meditation path, as different techniques develop different results and build upon each other in sequence. As a graduating student of the T.M.I.C.P you are welcome to apply for one of our Golden Seal Certification Retreat’s.

The Golden Seal Retreat – is a 7-day Graduation Retreat Intensive that follows the online training in one of the worlds sacred premium retreat facilities. Currently we are inviting our graduates to facilities in Costa Rica, and possibly Bali and Portugal in the future. Participation in one of the Graduation Retreats offered by Sky Dancer World is necessary in order for you to receive your certificate and be authorised to teach. You will receive a separate invitation to the retreat, once you have entered the third level. As a graduating student of the T.M.I.C.P you are welcome to attend and complete the Golden Seal Retreat during your third level, or within a year after your online training. 

The T.M.I.C.P is open for Yoga Teachers, Therapists, Life Coaches, and other professionals within the field of healing. Professionals who are ready to dive deeper into their own spiritual practice through a complete path of Buddhist Meditations will gain an outstanding set of tools to offer their students in return. The future belongs to the yoga teachers, personal coaches, therapists and retreat leaders who can get SUSTAINABLE results for their students and clients through embodying an authentic path. To apply for the program, fill out and send us the application below, and book a free 60 minute “Heart 2 Heart Call” with us today!


Who is this for? Spiritual Professionals such as Yoga Teachers, Psychotherapists & Life Coaches

How long is the total online program? Nine (9) months from the day you choose to start.

What does the structure of T.M.I.C.P look like? Level 1: THE WHITE LEVEL OF S.T.A.B.I.L.I.T.Y is eight (8) weeks long, and takes you through the foundational training. Level 2: THE RED LEVEL OF V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. is eight (8) weeks long and builds upon the first level with a hands on heart centred approach deeper in to your training. Level 3: THE BLUE LEVEL OF M.A.S.T.E.R.Y. is twenty (20) weeks long with more engagements in the view while building your practice.

Can I divide the three levels and do one at a time? Yes, you can. Let us know that you wish to do so in your application.

When can I come to the Golden Seal Retreat? As soon as you have started the third level, The Blue Level of M.A.S.T.E.R.Y. and up to a year after completing the online program.

How do I get my certificate? Your certificate will be sent to you by e-mail upon competing all three levels and the Golden Seal Retreat.

What is included in the online training? The T.M.I.C.P trainees has access to the T.M.I.C.P member site with teaching videos, audio and text manuals, live 1:1’s with your assigned mentor, our private Facebook group community and scheduled online live philosophical book studies, webinars, Q&As and transmissions with Lama Chimey.

What does the investment look like? The 9 month online program can be paid in full or you can ask for a payment plan. If you wish to do one Level at a time you are only paying for the level you are purchasing. The one week Golden Seal Retreat is by separate invitation for graduates who have successfully completed the program, and needs to be paid in full once you’re approved to be certified. Lodging and Accommodation, Vegetarian Food and Teachings are included during the retreat. You arrange and pay for your own travel to and from your chosen Golden Seal retreat.

How often is the Golden Seal Retreat available to sign up for? Twice annually.

What is included in the Golden Seal Retreat? 7 days of full immersion of 8 scheduled hours daily. You will be guided and be guiding relaxation and meditation, and participate in pedagogical training, Q&A’s and more. Beautiful lodging and gorgeous vegetarian food are included too.

How do I get access to the program? When you’re enrolled we will send you the link to our member site where you will find everything that you need.

The Golden Seal Retreat

As a seal of your training in the program you will participate in ”The Golden Seal.”

The first Golden Seal Retreat is scheduled to take place in Costa Rica, during the late spring of 2022. You who are approved to the T.M.I.C.P. and have started your third level prior to that will have the opportunity to join this group of T.M.I.C.P graduates, and become one of our instructors! Separate application and information about the Graduation Retreat will go out to enrolled students exclusively. 

Our upcoming Golden Seal Retreat is conducted in cooperation with Blue Spirit Retreat, Costa Rica. Click the Blue Spirit logo to find out more about this amazing retreat facility! There are several options for you to chose between for your lodging.

*Note: Depending on the world situation with C-19 and other forces beyond our control the Graduation Retreat might take place online. Wether on line or IRL it will be a full time immersion of eight hours daily for seven days.

What Our Students are Saying

Kripa Patra: Yoga Teacher & Conscious Movement Instructor

Lama Chimey Lhatso is a wonderful and compassionate teacher. She shares her passion for meditation in the most natural way. I have had the great joy of learning from her many years ago, and always look forward to new lessons that she is ready to impart. Her skillful approach makes it possible for any student to embark on the path of meditation.  

Ryan, Jampal Norbu, Mc Ardle: Dharma Practitioner & Mental Care Worker

I have had many Dharma conversations with Lama Chimey for over ten years now. She has always been able to help clarify things for me with a simple and direct explanation and translation of the Buddha’s teachings. She has helped illuminate areas of confusion I have had when interpreting the Dharma, and has brought me to a deeper understanding of the teachings as a result. I have a deep respect for her commitment to truth and to sharing the teachings of the Buddha.

Anna Wall: Dharma Practitioner & Nurse

Lama Chimey Lhatso became my teacher during a crucial, deepening phase of my spiritual practice. With her wise and committed guidance she opened doors and paved the way for me to continue my exploration of consciousness.  She has a direct yet gentle teaching style, a cutting through quality, and sets energy in motion. I can warmly recommend her courses!

Sasha Veldman Wolf : Former Owner of Kendra Yoga Studio, Yoga and Conscious Movement Instructor
Ven.Chimey is a very knowledgeable teacher in so many ways and areas. She inspires not only by sharing her life wisdom but also with her curiosity, inventiveness and great sense of humor. She has so many facets and it feels so natural and wonderful to be around her.

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito!”

H.H. Dalai Lama

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

Marianne Williamson

“To get somewhere, one needs to leave something behind.”

Isaac Newton

Let’s dive deeper together.

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