For a deepening of your meditation practice, welcome an authentic path.

”When we long for wisdom to take root in our lives, we’ve come to the right place by turning to the Buddha Dharma.

Lama Chimey

Triyana ™ Meditation holds authentic tools for getting unstuck in your spiritual progress and deepening your practice to bring sustainable wisdom into your life and professional services.

Leran more about Triyana ™ Meditation in Lama Chimey’s book; Triyana Meditation – keys to sustainable transformation!

To listen, watch and engage in Triyana ™ Meditation go here:

Ready to follow your heart & learn how to guide others?

Become a Triyana Meditation Instructor.

T.M.I.C.P: Triyana Meditation Instructor Certification Program is an educational service for meditation practitioners to grow beyond their current limitations. The Training is designed for spiritual professionals who can apply these practices to their healing work and get better results for themselves, their students, and clients.

During the Program You will Have Access to:

– the T.M.I.C.P premium member site with teaching videos, audio and text manuals
– our private Facebook group community for trainees only
– scheduled online live philosophical book studies, Q&As, and mantra transmissions 

– live in-house teachings with the option to attend via digital live link.

The next Foundational training of T.M.I.C.P, will start September 17th, 2023.

The first day is a whole day intensive and it will take place Sunday September 17th via digital link.

To learn more about T.M.I.C.P. go here:

Lama Chimey
Buddhist Minister & Founder of the Triyana™ Meditation system.

As a Dharma & Meditation Teacher specializing in digital courses and education online I aim for my work to be an authentic and meaningful bridge between ancient Buddhist wisdom and the current digital age.

My passion is to explore the dharma with honest curiosity while guiding you through sacred moments on your path.

I was ordained as a Buddhist nun for twelve years and have studied and practiced under several prominent masters.

My mission as a lay Buddhist teacher is to weave the sacred back into everyday life since we live our best lives when we utilize our minds and hearts’ fullest potential as human beings.

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