Taking Refuge

The Buddha Dharma is a ship to help us cross the river of delusion, walk towards the freedom of our highest potential, and take us out of misery and into sustainable peace.

Taking refuge in the Buddha Dharma is to accept that we all have innate goodness in our being.

This acknowledgment is, in itself, the ultimate refuge.

Though it has a connotation of surrendering to something ”out there,” we are surrendering to that natural light of goodness that exists within every being.

/ Lama Chimey

Refuge & Bodhicitta Prayer

(English Translation)

“In the Buddha, the Dharma & the supreme assembly, I take refuge until I reach enlightenment. Through the merit, created by practicing giving and the other perfections may I attain Buddhahood for the sake of all beings.”

“May all beings be happy, may all beings be free from suffering, may all beings be in contact with the happiness they have accumulated, may all beings reside in the great equanimity, free from passion, aggression & ignorance.

To hold the aspiration in our hearts of traveling towards greater alignment by deconstructing our limiting beliefs makes it possible to let our natural light lead the way. Sky Dancer World is a portal to manifestations of that aspiration.

/ Lama Chimey


Sasha Veldman Wolf: Former Owner of Kendra Yoga Studio – Malmö Sweden, Yoga Teacher & Conscious Movement Instructor

Ven.Chimey is a very knowledgeable teacher in so many ways and areas. She inspires not only by sharing her life wisdom but also with her curiosity, inventiveness, and great sense of humor. She has so many facets, and it feels so natural and wonderful to be around her.

Kripa Patra: Senior Yoga Teacher & Conscious Movement Instructor, Stockholm Sweden
Lama Chimey is a wonderful and compassionate teacher. She shares her passion for meditation in the most natural way. I have had the great joy of learning from her many years ago and always look forward to new lessons that she is ready to impart. Her skilful approach makes it possible for any student to embark on the path of meditation.  

Ryan, Jampal Norbu, Mc Ardle: Dharma Practitioner & Mental Care Worker, Vermont, USA
I have had many Dharma conversations with Lama Chimey for over ten years now. She has always been able to help clarify things for me with a simple and direct explanation and translation of the Buddha’s teachings. She has helped illuminate areas of confusion I have had when interpreting the Dharma and has brought me to a deeper understanding of the teachings as a result. I have a deep respect for her commitment to truth and to sharing the teachings of the Buddha.

Anna Wall: Dharma Practitioner & Nurse, Malmö Sweden
Lama Chimey became my teacher during a crucial, deepening phase of my spiritual practice. With her wise and committed guidance, she opened doors and paved the way for me to continue my exploration of consciousness.  She has a direct yet gentle teaching style, a cutting through quality, and sets energy in motion. I can warmly recommend her courses!

Sky Dancer World

is dedicated to exploring different aspects of the dharma that applies to our day and age, such as meditation & relaxation that are proven to re-ignite our inherent nature, as well as sustainable happiness, and empathic leadership.

Sky Dancer World is a forum that holds the space for personal transformation, continued growth, vision, learning and shared abundance.

The activities, services, and offerings by SDW are made available as a contribution to a good, wise and authentic way of life. It is a forum based in the west by westerners, jet deeply rooted in traditional Buddhist lineage.

The word “Sky Dancer” is a translation from the Tibetan word Khandro, (Dakini in Sanskrit.) The Dakini or divine feminine principle that pervades Vajrayana Buddhism might seem like an exotic concept, jet it’s beyond cultural boundaries.

One has to shed all reference points of ego and identity in order to authentically embrace the purity of this truth. The Dakini is dance — movement — subtle and mystifying. She is not something to be achieved or known, she is direct experience and cannot be bound.

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Lama Chimey, Ordained Buddhist Minister, Certified Wedding Officiate, Lecturer, Dharma & Meditation Teacher, M.A. in Performing Arts, Published Poet, Writer, and CEO of Sky Dancer World Inc.

Victoria Chimey Victoré, a.k.a Lama Chimey is a Swedish-American Buddhist Minister from the Tibetan Vajrayana tradition. She is a holder of the Karma Kagyu lineage with the incomparable 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, as her main teacher. She is a meditation practitioner since decades and was trained as a nun (Tsunma in Tibetan) for twelve years in the Himalayas and North America. Prior to life as a nun, she was a pioneering wellness educator as the founder of CM – Conscious Movement™ and a performing artist who became rewarded as a choreographer. Today Lama Chimey is offering courses, education and coaching in Buddhist Triyana™ Meditation and philosophy to individuals, groups and organisations.

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She left a successful business in the field of holistic well being 2008, in order to ordain as a Buddhist nun in the Indian Himalayas. As with all significant transitions, this became an initiation rite of sorts.The ordination took place at the majestic Palpung Sherabling Monastery with the Dharma King Kenting Tai Situpa Rinpoche. She studied language and Buddhist philosophy at Rigpe Dorje Institute at Pullahari Monastery, Kathmandu, Nepal, received many transmissions from prominent masters of Buddhism, such as the six-year Mahamudra meditation program with Kenting Tai Situpa Rinpoche and stayed at Venerable Pema Chodrons Gampo Abbey in Canada.

In 2013 she became the assistant shrine keeper at Karma Triyana Dharmachakra, the seat of the Gyalwa Karmapa in North America, and was later active as the resident teacher at Karma Yönten Ling in Malmö, Sweden.

2016-2020 she engaged in advanced contemplative studies at Karmeling Retreat Center under Kyabje Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche, where she spent three and a half years in secluded retreat being trained as a Lama.

Chimey Lhatso has also produced, as well as appeared as a singer, at several recorded music and meditation albums, the latest being Mothers & Strangers, her own take on classical mantras and prayers in an R&B/electro flavored ambient style.

Music and writing remains at the core of her being, while she lends her heart to environmental issues. She is a member of several environmental conscious groups, and has spoken at the ISSREC in Spain, an international collaboration between scientists and religious leaders. Part of the ISSREC declaration has been published in Nature (Journal), a UK based magazine known to be the world’s foremost international weekly scientific journal.

Prior to life as a nun she was the CEO at, and owner of Via Vision where she was active 1995-2008. The company offered classes, workshops, and the Conscious Movement Instructor Training that she developed and was the principal teacher for.

Teaching and guiding others has run as a red thread through her life, wether the subject has been dharma, dance, theater, yoga, meditation or wellbeing. Early on in life, when she was a full time artist she frequently appeared in movies, TV shows and stage performances, as well as in several various hybrid forms of performing and visual arts and audio albums. She was also a TV host for Swedish channel 4. (TV4)

Her education at Dans& Teater Högskolan, the Swedish University for performing arts, was followed by more studies in anatomy, body therapy, leadership education, and more lately in Buddhist philosophy, rituals and meditation. Her combined passions has created a fertile ground for a synthesis of knowledge to develop, out of which she continuous to create, explore and manifest diverse art, media, spiritual growth programs and healing tools for others.

As a Buddhist Minister she keeps an open mind to diversities, and has a rich spiritual heritage since decades that stretches through several Buddhist and Hindu traditions, such as The Theravada and Zen, as well as Hatha Yoga. Today she keeps sharing her ever expanding database of mind and heart with the world as an engaged Buddhist practitioner and writer for SDW.

The main motto that has become her signature is one that she picked up from a handwritten note by the public washing sink at Amajis pink ashram in India:

”She didn’t know it was impossible – so she did it.”

Lama Chimey during her years as a nun with her teacher His Holiness The 17th Gyalwa Karmapa.
Karma Yönten Ling Refuge Ceremony 2014
Lama Chimey at her Retreat Graduation 2020

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