A global citizens outlook

Knowing no borders nor clinging to a creed or fixed state of mind. Moving with the wind, faster than the speed of light. Reaching beyond and bringing it home. Welcoming all, both intellectual and drone.

Chimey Lhatso across the Hudson River

I’m here because I have something valuable to share. I’m making myself available to the ever-expanding net of equality through voicing the sacred feminine, not as a preference, but in order to contribute to a more balanced world. I’m a skyrocket bound for the unlimited nonboundaried space of the multiple billion universes. Writing, laughing and crying through it all.

If you are looking for a forum to rest your mind, restore, get inspired, and engage – Sky Dancer World is for you. If you are looking for a Dharma partner in the field of various activities for the greater good, or an ordained Buddhist Minister who can officiate the ceremonies for the sacred moments of your life – Sky Dancer World is for you. If you have wished that there could be easy access to a Dharmic lifestyle in the West in line with Western culture and values by the Western Sangha, yet rooted in traditional Eastern dharma – Sky Dancer World is for you. Let’s meet, explore and nurture the origins of the Buddha Dharma towards an authentic embodiment in our own backyard, and grow together from there.

As the masters say; Start where you are, and that’s what this is all about.

Welcome to Sky Dancer World!

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Website Sky Dancer World, Copyright 2020, Chimey Lhatso/Sky Dancer World.

Published by Lama Chimey

Meditation & Dharma Teacher, Ordained Minister, Performing Artist & Publisher of Sky Dancer World

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