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Live Recordings

Looking for some inspiration and renewal? Some of the recorded live teachings and guided meditations by Lama Chimey are available online in two languages; Swedish and English. You can find them on Sound Cloud as well as on Dharma Seed. Subjects span the topics of Guided Relaxation into the Earth, The sacred feminine in Buddhism, Cutting through ego-clinging, and more.


Kripa Patra: Yoga Teacher & CM – Conscious Movement Instructor
Lama Chimey is a wonderful and compassionate teacher. She shares her passion for meditation in the most natural way. I have had the great joy of learning from her many years ago and always look forward to new lessons that she is ready to impart. Her skillful approach makes it possible for any student to embark on the path of meditation.  

Ryan Jampal Norbu Mc Ardle: Dharma practitioner & Mental care worker
I have had many Dharma conversations with Lama Chimey for over ten years now. She has always been able to help clarify things for me with a simple and direct explanation and translation of the Buddha’s teachings. She has helped illuminate areas of confusion I have had when interpreting the Dharma and has brought me to a deeper understanding of the teachings as a result. I have a deep respect for her commitment to truth and to sharing the teachings of the Buddha.

Anna Wall: Dharma practitioner & Nurse
Lama Chimey became my teacher during a crucial, deepening phase of my spiritual practice. With her wise and committed guidance, she opened doors and paved the way for me to continue my exploration of consciousness.  She has a direct yet gentle teaching style, a cutting through quality, and sets energy in motion. I can warmly recommend her courses!

Meditation Videos

Building and upholding a meditation routine is not so easy to do on our own. Whether you are new to meditation or not, when you need someone to guide you into stillness and insight, simply visit the Lama Chimey YouTube channel. These videos are here to guide you and inspire you to stay on the path. Click any video below to start your next session.

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Books on Meditation

The Essentials of Buddhist Meditation by Bikhu Dharmamitra / The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World, by H.H. Dalai Lama & Rev.Bishop Desmond Tutu / The Practice of Tranquillity & Insight: A Guide to Tibetan Buddhist Meditation, by Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche

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Mother Teresa

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