My path towards greater alignment

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( This blog article was originally published on the Golden Age Models blog, and has been re-edited here for the Sky Dancer World blog)

Like with all significant transitions, I remember leaving lay life to pursue the life of a monastic as an initiation rite of sorts. My awakening heart was calling me out into deep unknown waters, and I was passionately mesmerized to follow that calling. 

I shaved my head and sent my long curly locks to a new destiny as wigs for children who had lost theirs due to leukemia and cancer. 

A few months earlier I had left a successful business as the founder of my trademarked body-mind practice in oder to journey deep and far on the Buddhist path.

Everything was put on hold; relationships, workload and all other worldly concerns. I sold my clothes and my home. 

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As I followed my heart into the doctrine of the Buddha Dharma everything else crumbled into dust. At the same time the gifts and challenges that came with walking the path was beyond my imagination.

I traveled through sacred places in the Himalaya’s and received transmissions from those who had gone beyond any limited perceptions. I met masters of wisdom and compassion that served as beacons in our dark world.

Some of the insights that came with sitting in the company of such incredible people put a light on the starch contrast between what forms us vs them. 

I could see how our limiting beliefs forms us into miniature versions of what we can be, vs the unlimited reality that the masters beliefs forms them into being unlimited beings.

Most of us are disbelieving that we can become whatever we want and make it work. We get stuck in different identities.

This belief structure is a normalized behavior trade among us, and very unlike the one Buddhist Masters display. Furthermore they are habituated to take a humble but confident approach, even when possessing the most outstanding of minds, while we have a tendency to be impressed by facades and illusions.

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Instead we too can aspire to expand our reality by follow in the excellent footsteps of the wise and allow ourselves to inspire and be inspired by people and ideas outside the norm box.

Since I returned to the worldly world after more than a decade on the road in the name of Dharma life has been a rollercoaster. Still, I’ve never lost my inner compass thanks to being soaked in a stable wisdom tradition. 

I’ve gotten accustomed to life’s inevitable uncertainties and know that they can serve as a preparation for more enormous leaps of faith further on our path. It certainly has for me.

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Joining a model agency became part of my step back into the world. To be part of a force that represents people over fifty in all our glory, and how we can inspire each other to age with grace. After years off grid. I’m also active on social media and continue to align my self with the good forces of the world in new ways.

Being back in the west as a lay person is giving me the chance to incorporate the strengths and insights from my past with the current phase of my life. Life keeps throwing me a curve balls, to put me in greater alignment with my personal journey in the most unexpected of ways!

Blessed be,

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  1. Excellent elucidation of the Power of Transformation through the Portal of Buddha💎Dharma✨. We Celebrate The Divine View 🔎🙏‼️

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