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Inner Stillness

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The longing for peace is inherent in all of us. Gaining a peaceful and focused mind is an inside job. Taking the Inner Stillness Course is a good way to nourish that longing. During The Inner Stillness Course you’ll be guided through the nine steps of Shamatha – Inner Stillness Meditation, by Lama Chimey.

Besides the Introduction module and the Completion module, the course contains 5 core modules. Each with 3-6 lessons of teaching videos, guided meditations and downloadable documents. You can do this course in 6 weeks.

Once you have signed up The Inner Stillness course is accessible to you for a whole year so that you can study in your own pace, and re-visit the course once it’s yours. New as well as seasoned practitioners enjoy this course!

You’ll Learn:

  • how to relax and calm your mind.
  • how to connect with your breath & focus on one object.
  • gain a correct meditation posture that will support your practice.
  • what hinders you to go deeper in your meditation practice and how to apply antidotes that can help you move past these hindrances.
  • how to explore the depth of traditional Buddhist Shamatha Meditation, and create a stable foundation for your continued path.

The Inner Stillness Course

Investment $299.00

Lama Chimey
Buddhist Minister, Dharma & Meditation Teacher

I’m the founder of the Inner Stillness course, as well as the Triyana™ meditation system that is a sequential synergy of all three schools of Buddhist meditation which gives access to a complete path. 

The Inner Stillness course lays the foundation that needs to be upheld to walk the complete path.

My mission is to weave the sacred back into everyday life specializing in making the dharma accessible online.

My passion is to make the dharma accessible in many different ways while being responsive to my students needs.

“You do not want to miss out on the Inner Stillness Course by Lama Chimey. What she shares in the course you are about to access will improve your meditation forever!” Stanley Jacobs, Dharma practitioner & Friend.

Still on the fence?

If you end up feeling this program isn’t for you, you’re protected by our 7-day no risk money-back guarantee. Just let us know within the first 7 days and you’ll get a 100% refund, no questions asked. You get to try out the first two modules of this course, and communicate with me, Lama Chimey, as your teacher, all risk free. If what is offered here is not what has been promised, just let me know and you’ll get your entire investment in the program back.

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