Carry Your Noble Heart into the World

To find a way walking through life with a noble heart is not a matter of what cast, statues, or creed you’re born in too. It’s about the spirit with which you carry yourself. In your meeting with others, you’ll find the best mirror for self-reflection to really come up close with the truth of how you are carrying yourself in the world.

To love a thousand in your mind and stay in a secluded retreat forever, is a good practice, but it doesn’t really serve the purpose as to carry out a noble heart in the world when aiming to nurture and develop the noble heart of a Bodhisattva.

This Nobel ideal is best known from the wise and profound Buddhist culture of ancient Tibet, and are set into motion in our day and age through our everyday meetings.

Through being present, through staying with what is and not turning back from what is uncomfortable, but staying open this ideal can be met. At the same time it’s not about sticking it out through any uncomfortable circumstance, or swimming against the tide no matter what. Nor is it about wearing out our capacity of staying alive to its ruins.

It’s about finding a way to stay noble and true to our awakening hearts, and have the courage to do so.

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Prior to life as a nun, I was a wellness educator and the founder of CM – Conscious Movement. ™ A body & mind movement practice that I founded decades ago and taught for many years to many students. When we were practicing CM ™ we acknowledged whatever raw emotion came up, along with any impulse to shrink back from what was stirred up by the movement. Through continuously moving on we found a time in space to be with ourselves without getting stuck, nor being in denial. Given the chance of this generous moment, and by using it well, we had the opportunity to free ourselves from identification with some long-lived and well-nurtured habits right on the spot.

Through leaning into the sorest findings inch by inch, while riding on the breath until the pain didn’t frighten us anymore, we learned how others felt the same. And through the compassion that awakened, we could let go of our own painful self fixation and find ourselves in the realization of peaceful stillness. Wishing others could be free from similar pain too. Inch by inch, breath by breath we awakened the noble heart.  

To stand still in the midst of movement and listen to the hearts longing to be heard is something we can all train ourselves in, and a true gift to one and all. This entitles the courage of being true to one another in the midst of a stained world system created by our collective habitual fear born out of the illusion of separation.

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We all want to be happy and we all have had the experience of fear, loss, pain, and blame. Likewise, we have all been each other’s mothers in this swirl of lifetimes upon lifetimes and we all wish for the same. May we be happy, may we be free, may we be healthy, may we be safe.

In the awakening heart, there is no distinction between us and them. There is only the heartfelt wish for everyone to be equally peacefully free. Truly free. Knowing that others honestly want the same we give birth to the aim to bring everyone there through embodying the wisdom and compassion of the noble heart awakening.

Only respect for and recognition of what is true can lead us there. No one wants to have a back turned to them when they’re in pain and despair or reaching out to connect. Nothing will solve our, since time without beginning self-created worldly problems, unless we dare to be with whatever raw emotions are stirred up without acting on it, acknowledge any impulse to shrink back from it, feel it and continuously move on from it to find space to be free and not get stuck in loops of pain. Any initial emotional reaction is said to linger for 90 seconds. Everything after that is our mind grasping and holding on to that initial feeling and turning it into a loop. The moment has gone. Let it be. Changing our habits and standing up for each other is not going to take less than that. Feel what is stirred up by the moment, acknowledge its rawness and let it go. Forgive. Confess. Move on.

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It’s time to cultivate our noble hearts and wake up to our inborn nature. Our full potential is awaiting us as soon as we stop being so self fixated. Think about others, walk in their shoes and carry this true nobility out in the world with respect for one another. Shower yourself with good wishes as well as your loved ones, your so-called enemies and strangers alike. Shortly, send some love and care to all our, at least once in some lifetime, nurturing, carrying and loving Mothers, pray that all will be free from pain, and aim to re-pay each other’s kindness within one lifetime.

Our true selves, which are neither this nor that, but an abiding presence of all there is an eternity of wakefulness, an egoless wisdom presence that effortlessly holds itself in carrying, loving nobility. Our true home is the pulsing noble heart that spontaneously full fills wishes of love, good health, joy, and peace. These are the qualities that we too can come to know ourselves to be inherently when we have the courage to carry out the noble heart into the world.

Blessed be,

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