Turning the Wheel of Time

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The impact of natural time on our bodies’ rhythm to follow the moon, sun, and earth phases could be argued to be a forgotten wisdom. And along with it, the body’s capacity for change and renewal in line with nature, as well as our understanding of cosmos. By rediscovering our mind-body-cosmos connection and transforming the body from solely a material object to worship or to condemn, to a harmoniously flowing process in sync with the rest of the cosmos, we could align ourselves with how it always was.

The cells in our bodies are made up of stardust, containing the five elements; earth, water, fire, air, and space. This heap of components that we usually refer to as” I” can be explained as contracting and expanding particles, just like the rest of nature. They respond to how we act, sleep, what we eat, think, and say. So, to lead the body and mind back to a more balanced state in line with the rest of nature, we have to get back into natural alignment with the wheels of time.

“Turning the Wheel” is a metaphor for setting new teachings into motion. The first turning of the wheel includes the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha in the earliest historical period of his forty-five teaching years. These fundamental Buddhist teachings include the four noble truths, the eightfold path, selflessness, mindfulness, dependent-arising, the five aggregates, and more. Simultaneously,” the wheel of time” can be found within Shakyamuni’s later teachings.

Today – the twenty-fourth of July 2020 is the day we celebrate that these pearls of wisdom came into motion by the so-called first turning of the wheel!

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We can find the hidden matrix of what creates this ever-changing-rapidly-decaying-impermanent vehicle called our body that we live through every day of our life, through studying the wheel of time. This matrix predicts the ups and downs connected to our future through an examination of the planets, the lunar phases, and so on. Furthermore, this wisdom map includes a description of the physical nature of the world and how it came to be.

By embracing every day as new as it genuinely is and transcend the obstacles that afflict our bodies, humanity could find an equilibrium, a lost key of wisdom that, when used, could open the doors to a more harmonious state of peace and vitality, available to all.

The cycle of the planets’ interactions is reflected in the 28 days of shedding layers of skin cells, to hormone cycles, to the approximate seven-year period of renewing bone mass. This interplay between the universe and cells is based on the fact of interconnectedness. That also means that there is no benefit whatsoever in distorting the wheel of time, as in inventing a man-made 12-month calendar. Skin is shed, bone mass is changing, and we are moving on because we are made of stardust.

The natural ways have been neglected for so long, and man-made “solutions” applied for millennia, that we are now facing a world out of balance, and reaping its effect.

Could one of the factors to our distorted alignment with the turning of the universe be found in that we have incorporated a calendar out of sync with time, by adopting the twelve-month calendar? Has our way of interacting with the rest of nature been distorted because of this step away from the natural turning of the wheel of time?

Its likely one of all the factors that has added up to our current imbalance. And like any radical change acquires our full participation, so does this one.

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Since we are not going back to how things were, we could all benefit from consciously adopting this ongoing amazing planetary dance that we are part of through the study of and meditation on the outer cosmos of our realm of existence. By attuning to the natural half-forgotten standard of the thirteen-month/ twenty-eight days calendar, we could find a piece of harmony again.

With a natural way of being with the rhythms of time, a beat that altogether make up a perfect three hundred and sixty-four day year, we would no longer be distorting our natural alignment with cosmos. The thirteen-month calendar is nothing new. It has been in use by our ancestors for thousands of years. It was possibly more widespread among matriarchal societies in the past than in our current systems that have turned their backs on this wisdom. Our times lost perfection of aligning with nature further shows to be in starch contrast to the wise alignment with time when studying the available thirteen moon calendars. For example, these calendars divination of the quarter years can be counted into exactly ninety-one days each, which equals thirteen weeks of seven days per quarter. Perfect by nature!

We can incorporate this natural cycle in our individual lives to move into balance. Suggesting that we would not have to fight against time, jump between different lengths of months, and add an extra addition of a day every fourth year to keep the rhythm. Nor remain in opposition to what we are already a part of—merely relaxing in the natural flow of how we spin with the rest of the world. Never finding a reason to hold on to an unnatural man-made distortion of the same, ever again.

Keep in mind that all the thousand buddhas of this eon, (yes, there was never only one) after demonstrating the attainment of enlightenment came to sit at the Vajraseat in Bodhgaya in India and proceed to Sarnath to give the first turning of the wheel of Dharma. Within the wheel of time, this happened and is happening and will be happening – again and again, naturally.

It is said that Shakyamuni Buddha, the historical Buddha of our time, entered the magical mace of Benares (Varanasi) early one morning, made his alms round, took a bath, ate his meal for the day and, left the city through the east gate. From there, the enlightened one walked to Rishipatana Mrigadava, – a place that until this day and age is called the Deer Park. Well, there he turned the first wheel of Dharma, which we celebrate today. The teaching he gave, as simple as profound, which is the same wisdom that the Buddhas to come will reveal, can be summarized into these four noble truths:

There is suffering.
There is a cause for suffering.
There is an end to suffering.
There is a way that leads us out of suffering.

There is a map. We need to apply it.
Meaning – we too can change and get into alignment with the natural flow of time again. We, too, can wake up.

I hope this blog post has been beneficial to you.

Blessed be,
Chi-Mey (Deathless)

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