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It has been said that meditation can transform our brain in eight weeks. All it takes is a regular meditation practice of half an hour a day. By meditating, certain areas related to memory, empathy, stress, and those responsible for our attention and emotional integration are modified and enhanced. The impact of meditation has so many advantages, and it has been proven to change us quickly and have far-reaching results.

To indeed have a lasting transformation for our own and others good, we need to sustain and uphold a regular meditation practice. Just like brushing our teeth won’t do much good if we only brush them once in a while. Likewise, with something far more essential and everlasting such as the benefits of meditation, we need to take our practice a little bit more seriously.

In Vajrayana Buddhism, we don’t merely meditate to find a moment of peace or gain a stronger sense of presence but break through the habitual barrier that stands between us and the realization of our full potential.

Yes, it is well known that meditation leads to modifications in the brain’s regions related to memory, self-awareness, empathy, and stress. And that the sacred practice of meditation can initially be used to improve our mental health, while creating a starting point for further development on the spiritual path.

Self-improvement, when done thoroughly, can lead to the discovery of no-self. It’s a dangerous prospect, though, since it is a destructive process breaking down the structures of what we so long have identified our selves to be, it requires sincere and authentic guidance.

Even though some of our practices in the Vajrayana tradition looks very alluring and intriguing with all its colorful rituals, fragrances, and enchanting melodies, one does best to dive in gradually. Chose to do so with the guidance of someone who holds an authentic lineage and have a good intention behind their actions.

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When we meditate, we do not only feel better. Sometimes we even feel worse, to be honest. The discoveries we make by relaxing and activate the alpha frequencies in the brain not only lead to the structure of the brain becoming refined. The mind stream is activated and modifies the flesh on a fundamental level and reforms it. As our mind changes and we create new patterns in our brain and nervous system structure, everything follows along. The deeper we go into our practice, our body and outer environment change too. So does our outlook and how we relate to our world the longer we get on the path.

If we meditate diligently, one of the changes that we will be able to appreciate first is the ability to stay in the present moment with whatever comes up. Then a sharpened focus and an ability to process information with less storyline and get faster. Setting aside disturbing thoughts and emotions about the past and the future, even for a short while every day, helps to reset our mind frame to continue our day with greater ease.

As I have mentioned, meditation not only induces a state of relaxation, but allows us to align our selves with who we indeed are beyond this human form by exploring who we are not. Thanks to working with the mind, we will manage our speech and thoughts more pleasantly. This makes a noticeable impact on our interactions with ourselves and others. How ever, if our meditation practice is derived from the platform of exemplary ethical behavior and a favorable outlook on the world, it’s frankly quite useless.

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Before practicing meditation, we must be aware that great respect must be shown towards the subject. Only an authentic path practiced with discipline, one that requires great determination, intellectual effort, and habituation, will lead to success with an able instructor’s help.

Even a dog can perform a one-pointed concentration if you offer it a biscuit. As human beings, we have the potential to move beyond that capacity, so let’s expect a little bit more from ourselves.

If you have been on a spiritual path, are working as a counselor in the matters of the mind, or have an inclination towards self-improvement – and you have been doing that for a while – you may want to consider finding a path and a teacher that resonates with you to take your possible awakening a step further.

Having entered this realm of human beings that brings so many benefits, you have now to dedicate time to reflect on how you want to utilize this rare opportunity and put it into motion. Choose what resonates with your heart and” ready or not” take that first step today.

Don’t wait for a” perfect moment” because then you risk never to get anywhere.

The step you take today doesn’t have to be grandiose. Start with one little step, and the rest will follow. Make that phone call, buy the book, contact the teacher, whatever has been on your mind for a while.

Whenever you are ready, the path will unfold for you.

Without a doubt, this will be the most crucial step you will take in your life to turn yourself into that beautiful, wise, kindhearted being you always were, but covered up with so many storylines.

Having an authentic path is the greatest gift in a lifetime. I can’t emphasize the importance of taking a leap of faith enough to enhance our self-worth, self-love, compassion towards others, and many more benefits that follow as we travel towards the deep understanding of no-self, no-other.

I wish you nothing but the best for you.

Anyone can do this who can direct their attention and move beyond it.
And we can be better people each day, for the benefit of both ourselves and others.

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Blessed be,

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