The Laughing Buddha

When I was little, I had this little colorful Buddha statue.

It wasn’t a statue of the serene sitting Buddha, but rather a Buddha statue of what’s generally considered “the laughing Buddha,” usually represented as a fat laughing man standing up with his arms stretching towards the sky.

I used to delightfully glance at him every time I passed by, and his presence always put a smile on my face.
Like many others in the West, I grew up with limited concepts around Buddhism and my understanding of Buddhism could have remained as a delightful jet superficial appreciation for a fat man with his arms in the air putting a smile to my face.

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Despite all my initial misconceptions, I continued to be interested in Buddhism growing up, until one day, I went to a dharma center and started my journey of meditation and sutra recitations. I stopped learning from the collective misconceptions of the Western consciousness and began learning from real practitioners.

Whether Buddhist, a collector of universal wisdom, or just someone interested in finding practical ways to improve your life, the power of coming together in the name of Dharma is unbeatable.

I have started offering more ways for us to come together online by presenting live online classes with potentially transformative pieces of Buddhist wisdom and guided meditations which we all can benefit from. Subscribe to the Sky Dancer World Newsletter to not miss out.

Stay tuned.

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Buddhist Minister, Meditation & Dharma Teacher

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