The Evolution we are in

It’s happening. We are in the middle of a vast and fast pace of Evolution that is throwing out the old paradigms in a blink of an eye. This transition is not limited to the so called top 1% of humanity, a particular race or country. Nor is it a gender question. We are all in this together, and our lesson is about embracing all the qualities that we have within, whether we label them feminine or masculine. The old paradigm is falling, and we are not going back. This new era will take some time to adjust to. Meanwhile, we can support our transition to this new way of life by dedicating ten minutes a day to checking in with our selves and rest in what already is. To help you with this transition and stay committed to this vital integration practice in your everyday life, I will, part from releasing the Swedish guided meditation album Jord on July 14th, soon start posting English guided meditation videos on my youtube channel. Subscribe for my youtube channel here.

I’m putting this out there so that your mind can get ready for what is coming. The Sky Dancer World is here to provide you with up to date alignment with the current flows of our existence so that as many of us as possible can benefit from the eternal and essential value grounds of the Buddha Dharma. This is not about innovations, but adoption. We are not straying away from the inherent truth. We are dancing along with how the current flows. I’ll write that again. We are not straying away from the inherent truth. We are dancing along with how the current flows.

A complete person is someone who’s balancing all these qualities that we call feminine and masculine within. Let’s take my primary teacher, the Gyalwa Karmapa, a master of sorts, as an example. He walks like a sturdy captain, AND his gestures are like those of a gentle goddess. And that’s just the outer appearance. Inside we all need the drive to move forward into action (so-called masculine quality) and trust to follow our intuition (so-called feminine quality) to whatever we are called to, for the better good of all humanity and the planet. To uphold and grow with the existence that we are part of, we all need to develop in the direction of freeing the heart from old, unresolved issues and limiting beliefs. Whether we take personal responsibility to be on board with this current shift or not, our world is leaping ahead into new territory. We don’t want to be dragged behind, right, so to make as a smooth transition as possible into a more balanced world where we can start to unfold our complete set of inner resources there are three things we need to do.

  1. Still your mind and integrate the shift by meditating for 10 minutes daily.
  2. Seeing the importance of taking joyful responsibility in the global change by committing to your meditation practice no matter what.
  3. Stay focused on your commitment by applying the tools at hand of being mindful so that you, through your discoveries, can make sure you trust the path and never stray away from it.

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Your gender identification is irrelevant when it comes to balancing the predominant qualites you already have with those you are lacking. This is the time to balance these out and equalize all our qualities within. That’s where it has to start.

We have all been forced to stop in our tracks for some time now. Luckily it seems that most people are getting that there is a blessing in disguise going on with this. We have time to look deeper into that which scares us, unsolved issues, face our shortcomings, and spend more time alone or with our closest family and friends. These are just some of the gifts that this current situation is inviting us to.

Now we can choose to make conscious steps towards aligning with the new paradigm that has already awakened. It’s not a future scenario anymore, and the shift involves us all on a grand scale. Again. The best way to ride this current phase of evolution is to commit to a daily meditation practice and choose a path that you trust to support you with tools that work.
Until I have my videos up and running at my youtube channel, I suggest that you sit down in silence before you go to sleep or wake up in the morning. Direct your focus to your natural breath, and keep pulling your mind, gently but surely back to the breath as the mind starts to wander.

Life will present challenges to uphold even such a short and straightforward practice. So, before you start, whether you choose to do this in the evening or in the morning or any other time of the day, make the resolve that you will bring your awareness back to a place of stillness as part of your daily routine. Remember, you are not doing this alone; we are a universal grid of light that expands together, so once you’ve consciously logged in to this truth, there’s no reason to doubt its power. No need to invent anything just rest in what is already here. And if doubts come creeping in, remember that thought-forms are limited. Just like all compounded phenomena, they are interdependent and impermanent. See the doubt the insecurity and the worries before they take over you, acknowledge they’re fleeting existence, and then let them go. Place your awareness on your breathing, in, gap, out, gap. And if you like to sit longer, please feel free to do so.

Enjoy your meditation, and remember we can equalize this world into a more balanced and harmonious existence for all. It’s already happening.

Much Love,

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