Overcoming Hindrances on the Path to Clarity

Being blindly led by desire triggered by the incoming sensory information to any of the five gates; seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling will lead us off the cliff. So will hatred, aggression, ill will, dislike, and meanness.

These are the first significant hindrances to recognize when it comes to successfully climbing to the top of the mountain of clarity, while remaining peace. There are many other factors, too, that can come in our way. And if we back out of our set intention to wake up to our highest potential, we will never reach the top of our desired goal. While if we remain focused on our set purpose, we will be able to stand in and act from our wise love power for the good of all.

We can step aside and let others pass us on the journey towards realizing our full capacity and surrender to the unhelpful habit of sloth and torpor. A sidestep that can and will, if it is prolonged, lead us down the road to apathy, depression, and self-doubt. Likewise, if all our minds are engaged in is the restless thoughts of the past and future, we will fail to stay present to the here and now, and never fully blossom.

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Waking up to our inherent truth has never been subject to fleeing into daydreams, fantasies, memories, and distractions. As the road towards clarity is often long and strenuous for most of us, it’s easy to entertain the idea of giving up.

Giving in to old habits and standard rules set by society, we slip downwards to lower existences without even taking note of what is going on. Ignorance keeps us blindfolded and absorb us into the busyness of being poisoned by our desires born out of sense pleasures where we doubt our capabilities and blame others for our incapacity to get to where we would like to be.

While waking up may take lifetimes to happen, the instance it does, all time seems irrelevant, and the past, future, and nowness is all washed away.

Before having the sweet taste of freedom on your tongue, it’s easy to neglect the fact that this is what our journey through existence is all about. Don’t let the outer circumstances fool you, but take refuge under the umbrella of the eternal sun. Lift your gaze high and focus on that top of the snow-clad mountain as you ascend higher and higher in your evolution, not only as a human being but also as a spirit independent of the flesh.

Go for it. Climb that mountain. What awaits you at the top is all yours, and always has been.

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We can help ourselves on our journey to recognize what state of mind we are in currently. Check-in with yourself a couple of times daily, and you shall see that it distances you from the chronic entanglement with thought forms, their structure as well as their storyline.

Accept what is there, accept you for where you’re currently are at, and let it be as it is. Instead of drowning in your minds unceasing creations learn to investigate the thought structures as immaterial hollow substance jet with the powerful potential to shape your relative reality, consciously or unconsciously.

The more you can set your goal towards realizing your thoughts’ emptiness, the clearer the winding ways towards the top of the mountain will become.

Whatever comes up, ask yourself what the consequences will be of following such thoughts. Because whatever you think and put into action will become your world. You are not this body, it’s a temporary guesthouse. You are not this mind; it’s a fleeting structure of impermanence. You are not the name you call yourself; its a label given to you for easy recognition and communication in your daily life. Neither are you any of all the different emotions that come bubbling up from one moment to the next. Don’t identify with all of this. Step out of the spinning wheel of samsara. It will take you nowhere but round in circles. Instead bow to the lessons of the hindrances and keep going! Climb that mountain. A treasure awaits you at the top. So the wise have promised.

Blessed be,

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  1. A Buddha has Appeared in this world system! How fortunate are the Beings who’s Karma dictates They continue to climb to The Summit! We Celebrate Ani Chimey’s propagation of The Truth Reality! We Thank You with Our Hearts and Minds!

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