No Time to Lose

As ten thousand years of climate stability are ending, the call to develop inner stability has never been more apparent. Time is now, so let’s not waste it but move into action!
By being many who can embody a trustworthy path of stability and compassion, we can help many others in our global community.

We have to emphasize the transformative role of unbiased compassion in responding to suffering, including ecological crisis, and make authentic meditation a priority. Our minds can only endure that much, and in a time of crisis, we need to stabilize our minds before the pain gets overwhelming.

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By caring for each other, the Earth, and life at large, through adopting methods that are proven to give outstanding results, we will never regret our choice to engage in specific meditation methods. No matter what is going on in our lives, we need to expand our natural compassion and make our circles of care larger without delay.

Already back in In 2016, I was called to the ISSREC climate conference in Spain by a professor in Geology. Together with scientists and representatives from other religions, we wrote a declaration to our world leaders to address the climate crisis.

The Pope Francis Encyclical Laudato si inspired this declaration and is open to everyone that recognizes the urgency of environmental impact on our planet and appreciates the need to promote greater cooperation between the sciences and major religious and spiritual traditions towards solving these problems.

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According to a Swedish Newspaper (Dagens Nyheter), we now have six (6) years and two hundred and fifty (250) days to end carbon dioxide emission to keep the Earth’s temperature from rising and so create an irreversible tipping point. Six years and two hundred and fifty days from the day this blog post is released. And counting…

This is not a time to hide in denial, give up or stop caring. This is a time to wake up and care even more.

Since we are deeply interconnected with others and the environment, we are caring for ourselves through caring for others and the Earth. For instance, we can not become nature. We are nature. The future generations that we are encouraged to care for are no one else but us – returning.

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Therefore I’m offering the T.M.I.C.P. – The Triyana Meditation Instructor Certification Program. A continuing education for professionals in the healing community. A means to dive deeper into our spiritual journey and take responsibility for sustainable ways of stabilizing our minds so that we, in turn, can offer our students and clients the same. (Link at the end of this post.)

Take your responsibility, for this life and beyond, by committing to level up your ability to remain a stable force through engaging in meditation!

Blessed be,

/ Chimey

Link to T.M.I.C.P – the Triyana Meditation Instructor Certification Program
Link to the complete ISSREC declaration:
Link about the time we have left to turn things around. (Swedish)

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