Love Knows No Colors

Lama Chimey in Bodhgaya, India, 2011, at the seat of Lord Buddhas Enlightenment.

We need to walk in other’s shoes to feel what they are going through genuinely. Make their happiness and sorrow, worries and concern our own. We cant merely stay on the outside looking in. We need to embrace the fact that we are one humanity and that Earth seen from Space does not have borders like on our man-made maps. Every element flows and spreads without distinction, just like unconditional love does. When setting the intention to apply lovingkindness and compassion in our daily life mindfully, it’s easy to feel contrived to begin with. Still, since the mind is this universal tool for manifestation, it will follow our lead.

If we can learn to ride the waves of our thoughts and ground our selves in that knowing, there is nothing what so ever in samsara worth losing even one-night sleep over. By creating a daily habit of grounding ourselves and consciously creating the intention to feel others situations as our own, we are much more equipped to stay with whatever comes then without grounding and a set intention. If we leave compassion on the outside, it can become very ego friendly as long as we see ourselves as someone from ”over here” that are helping or carrying for those less fortunate ”over there.”

We need to see the difference between chasing a path that leads us to separation distinct from one of understanding interconnectedness. Love knows no color, race, gender, borders, etc. We do wisely to put each other not below, but beside each other, or else there is no happiness to be found. Happiness even multiply and become greater when shared just as sorrow is lessened when we let people in and share our hearts concern. We need to see that others happiness is as important as our own happiness. We are in this together – for real.

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We can seemingly go in the same direction, but depending on our intentions, it will bring different outcomes. Once we have decided to set out for a path of sustainable happiness, our peace and joy will prevail when we choose to be for not against. Go towards, don’t leave behind. Applying this equation shifts our mindset to one of abundance and possibilities. See your self and your potential. Meet the obstacles head-on and conquer them with conscious love. When we truly see each other for what we indeed are, we become enchanted by one another and filled with awe by meeting heart to heart. Bow in gratitude and joy to the pure qualities within, beyond, race, gender, etc. everyday. These qualities belong to you and your dear ones, those estranged to you and even your so-called enemies without distinction.

Genuine compassion and love doesn’t come in a limited form directed towards an exclusive group of individuals. It doesn’t belong to someone and not to others. No one is more worthy of it than anyone else. Compassion is not an act of giving others your pitty just as love is not true love as long as you have a selfish agenda; these qualities are pure, inherent, unlimited, and universal. Compassion is naturally wired into our intrinsic system, and we can tap into that source every day. When we discover ourselves to have complete access to these transforming powers without limitations of place, time, or particular object – it expands. And from there, joy arises naturally.

Love doesn’t have a particular house, a country a selected few friends and family that it’s limited to, its the very nature of things. The whole universe is pulsing and breathing and being love. We don’t need to wait for meeting that transformative power until we have a full-blown realization of oneness. Its what we are. We can be happy right now by merely knowing that we have unlimited access to these beautiful qualities. No password. No credit card. No V.I.P. list needed.

Choose happiness. Choose Gratitude. Choose Love. If that is not our driving force, then why?

These are some of the actual keys to Paradise within and without. It has to start with you, and it has to be now. Where else, when else and by whom else could it be done? Fill your cup to the brim with joyful, meaningful activities every day, who knows how long we have to live? Use every single day wisely. Knowing that the present moment is all we have got. Make wise choices. Rest assured that there is no switchboard to use for on and off access to the unlimited. We cannot choose to be limitless. We A.R.E. limitless. The dynamic transformation of the wholeness comes through transforming your mindset into generosity, gratitude, and carrying.

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To discover love, you need to love. It will not take place by reading about it or waiting for it to come and knock on your door. Even if you don’t know how to reach out to someone else, just be kind without distinction. If you don’t know where to start – just do it anyway. Pray that you will be able to forgive and develop compassion, while carrying a loving heart for yourself as well. Compassion always has to start with you, include yourself, your near ones, and those you are estranged from, as well as those you perceive as hostile.

In this life or another, we have all been each others Mothers and loved ones. There is no distinction between us. We are not our bodies or names. There are no borders, no race, no gender. Love knows no colors. Take the first step today. Breath for the world, help someone, pray. Fill your cup to the brim with the joy of meaningful activities, so when the day comes to move on from this life, you can joyfully indeed ride on the waves of merit of having consciously developed these valid keys to happiness. Do it right now. There is no other time.

Blessed be, Chimey

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