Go To Hell

Read this blog post to the last word. There is a treasure at the end.

The definition of fearlessness is – the trait of feeling no fear. Braveness, bravery, courage, courageousness – a quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fear.

Fearlessness is what we get when we realize that we have to do what we have to do, not for ourselves because we might not make it, but for generations ahead.

While fearlessness of the Bodhisattvas (the once next in line to become full-blown Buddhas) points to a state lacking fear altogether.

To be brave and courageous, we need to have its opposite – fear, and go against what scares us.
A Bodhisattva lacks fear altogether.

I once asked my retreat master What is fear? And he said; Fear is a thought.

So if fear is a thought, then feelings are born based on that thought. If we can control, our minds fear can’t take over. Controlling our minds doesn’t mean suppression of emotions. It means pulling our heads out of the self-created mental ant nest and take a few fresh breaths.

Get a bird’s eyes’ perspective on what is going on in our minds. Get clear without stirring up the mud from the bottom of the pond.

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Because to move forward, we need to take risks that activate changes. Patience has its place, but not when life, freedom, and justice are at stake. The WHOLE human raise are suffering together and the whole planet with us. We don’t have time to get snared in fear.

Fearlessness, the Bodhisattvas trade is rising strong within every community right now and permeating its qualities to each and every corner. Fearlessness and compassion that comes through sharing, inclusion, joining, uniting, and remaining friends. These are our new alias.

Because when we share and include, we become each other’s renewable resources. We become each other’s endless powerhouses.

We all feed on the same nourishment. Love. And we do not need to wait for permission to love, share and unite. We already have that power.

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Use it well, fearless Bodhisattvas. Remember your father/mother – the great Bodhisattva of the hell realms, Kshitagarbha, who in his last life before becoming Kshitagarbha was an Indian girl.

The story goes that before the time of the historical Buddha, this girl’s mother died. The mother had often spoken badly about sacred wisdom, and the girl feared that her mother would be reborn in hell. She worked tirelessly, performing many good acts to create merit and dedicate it to her mother.

However, it happened, she was then escorted to the hell realm by one of the great beings, where a hell guardian told her that her excellent acts had indeed released her mother, who had been reborn again, in a much more favorable place.

At the same time, the girl had glimpsed the countless other beings in torment in the hell realms, and she vowed to free them all. “If I do not go to the hell realms to help the suffering beings there, who else will go?” she said. “I will not become a Buddha until the hells are empty. Only when all beings have been saved will I enter Nirvana.”

Her love for one person became the love for all beings. She proclaimed: I will not become a Buddha until all hell realms are emptied.

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Hold close to your heart all of humanity, every plant and insect too. And don’t wait, because there is just too much to be done. Stay focused, laser-sharp, head high, and open heart. We already have all we need to move forward.

The experience of traveling through the hell realms of great suffering are here so that we can work with our benevolent mind. These are skillful means of suffering that brings us to practice. And that’s good.

Love. Always. Wins.

Don’t close your hearts, dear once. When the going gets even more challenging, and we find ourselves in hell realms of sorts where fear instills its grip over our minds, then go against the grain. Instead of giving up and shrinking down, widen your circles of compassion no matter what. Feed the stray dogs, love your neighbor, and wish your so called enemies well. Share everything down to your last resources.

In times of intense overwhelm with many people bordering depression, desperation, and hopelessness, it’s challenging to stay open and not allow ourselves to close down. Therefore – don’t.

Remain in love. We need each other more than ever right now. So floating on uncontrollable negative emotions based on fearful thoughts will not be so helpful. Watch your mind like a soaring eagle and come back to the heart again and again.

Directing our love and care specifically to our closest friends and family exclusively is not sustainable, but when specifically directed love is crushed to pieces by circumstances; it spills out and becomes love for all beings. Direct that power of care you have for those closest to you to include all beings and the whole planet without delay.

Thank you.

Here is the treasure that I promised you, Ksitigarbhas mantra. Memories it. You might need it.

Ksitigarbhas short mantra is powerful enough to reverse all sorts of hellish experiences, including severe health and financial problems. Even just reciting it a few times is very powerful.

Om ah Kshiti Garbha thaleng hum.

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