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“How to Embody Authentic Meditation like a Master

Teacher: Lama Chimey

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Yoga Teachers

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If you are finding yourself trying the same thing again and again trusting that there will be a different outcome think again. If you are truly longing for a profound shift you have to try something different. There is no other way. 

By engaging in a specific path and stick to self-evident methods when it comes to astonishing results, you will never have regrets.

If you don’t have access to a training that can give you all these tools, then work with someone who can help you grow sustainably because the demand for authentic paths of meditation that are proven to reignite our inherent potential will only grow.



How to go from meditating without much progress to growing into a mature meditation practitioner within nine months.

A trustworthy path to transformation by incorporating the 2600 year Buddhist path proven to re-ignite our highest potential.

How to become grounded and confident in your healing business, so you don’t feel like your service has to be stuck, limited, and quickly get outdated.

“Lama Chimey is a wonderful and compassionate teacher. She shares her passion for meditation in the most natural way. I have had the great joy of learning from her many years ago, and always look forward to new lessons that she is ready to impart. Her skillful approach makes it possible for any student to embark on the path of meditation.  ”

Kripa Patra – Senior Yoga Teacher & Conscious Movement Instructor

Don’t delay your progress.

Let’s make a difference together today.

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