Becoming the Change You Want to See in The World, Part 2:How To Transform Your Life into The Dream You want to Live

To prepare for any significant change we want to make in our life, we can start by creating the habit of actively dreaming about the life that we envision and how wonderful it feels to live it, as if it’s already our reality.

The first secret is to prepare for your dream to come true by acknowledging the daily treasures you already have, a cup of coffee, watching the sunset, taking a hot shower, breathing. Count your blessings and express gratitude every day for the small things in life and that which you already appreciate. Take nothing for granted. Whatever is here today might be gone tomorrow. Everything is continuously transforming. By actively preparing for the changes you wish to see in your life by creating the ground of a grateful attitude will, when taken seriously, serve as a springboard to a successful manifestation of your wishes since gratitude is the foundation for bringing more happiness into our lives.

To begin with, ask yourself these three questions:
1.What qualities and deeds are you grateful for with your self? 2.What qualities and deeds are you appreciating in someone else who is present in your life? 3.And how about in the world?

A conscious programming of the mind as a preparation for your life’s new direction will transform your sense of doubt, stuckness, and hopeless free-falling into clarity and confidence that you’re in charge of your life. Maybe not every little bit of it jet, but your attitude towards manifesting will change immediately, no doubt. As we can’t change anyone else’s mind, we can only work with our own, and that’s all we need to gain more sustainable happiness. This way of actively choosing to be grateful creates a ground from which you can take a more confident step towards aligning with what makes you happy.

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The second secret is to dream wide awake as it makes the dream come alive. Making active choices and knowing that all it takes to change your life is your courage to consciously choose the dream. Don’t allow any unexpected circumstances to sweep you along. There is no need to stay uncomfortable. And no one on the outside to blame for how your life is manifesting. You are the designer of your life. If you’re not happy with how things are currently playing out, choose again, my friend. Take charge of your waking life by having a clear vision and determination to set sails for journeying towards having your dearest dream come alive!

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The third secret is to use the power of choice even as you sleep. For example, if you have the good fortune to enter states of conscious dreaming or being aware within the dream (a.k.a lucid dreaming,) know that this is where you can plant deep transformational seeds in your mind. (Sankalpa in Sanskrit) Let the seeds blossom in a good way, instead of being helplessly lead by your mind where ever. When awareness of the dream within the dream happens, know that you’re dreaming while dreaming (without waking up in excitement as you discover that you can control your dreams.) To try this out for yourself, you can start with downloading this f r e e Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep)where I will guide you into a relaxed state. To go even deeper, sign up for the coming online course Yoga of Mind here.

By learning to stay calm and aware and awake while you dream, you can program the awake states otherwise zombie-like manners of helplessly being swept in any direction, to a lifestyle of conscious choices by firmly planting your visionary seeds while sleep-dreaming, as well as when you’re dreaming wide awake.

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The first step towards implementing these transformational tools in your sleep is to get out of the habit of” fainting” into dreamless sleep states where your conscious responses are so dormant that you have no idea of what happened the last couple of hours once you wake up.

Lastly, by making a clear statement of your wish, including how and when it’s going to manifest, and repeating that statement to yourself before you go to sleep, you are preparing the ground. Then, when you’re about to fall asleep, make the decision that you will recognize that you are dreaming while in the dream. Don’t give up on this exercise. It’s not a magic tool that I’m carelessly giving away nor a resonant transmission of any sort. It’s merely a simple suggestion in this step-by-step guide to creating your dream life. Once you start, keep it up for as long as it takes to develop this new skill.

To successfully develop these lucid dreaming skills to program your mind to align with your dearest dream’s outer manifestations, it’s necessary to first awaken to the limitless possibility of creating your conscious dreamlife and trust that you can make it happen. If you carry any hesitations or doubts with you into this, it won’t work.

If you wish to go even further, engage in authentic ancient wisdom proven to lead you to deep insight. Instructions can be handed to you by the masters, and you will find that humbly engaging in these kinds of pearls of wisdom will transform your life and that you better have the right guidance and be prepared for it before you start. Don’t just apply the methods from any random book that says it will work, nor take my word alone for it. My online course Yoga of Mind will get you started. Sign up for the waiting list here.

Learn from someone who can guide you. The possibility to create your dream life, including the wisdom of lucid dreaming as one of the keys to change your life, is within your reach. Once you’ve taken the necessary steps towards having that key in your possession, the benefits that come from consciously dreaming wide awake are limitless, and the practice of this visionary wisdom-art a remarkable companion to rely on beyond the limitations of time.

Whether we have the good fortune to walk in the prominent yogi Naropas footsteps to incorporate conscious dreaming in our lives or not, whether we walk on this earth executing our freedom of choice or not, and despite what background or identity we carry, every one of us can shift our mindsets on the spot, right here, right now by merely applying the first step asking your self; 1.What qualities and deeds are you grateful for with your self? 2.What qualities and deeds are you appreciating in someone else who is present in your life? 3.And how about in the world?

This will immediately shift the state of your mind to one of gratitude, and you can ask your self these questions at any given moment that you feel you’re slipping into a more dull mind state. Then, when you’re ready, learn to dream wide awake and have your wishes come alive through a clear statement about the same. After all, it’s all a dream, it’s just a dream, and it’s a real dream, which means that we can choose to fill that dream with our hearts’ deepest longing.

Why would we do anything but that?

Blessed be,

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