Appreciating the Rainbow

We live in a dream. With a reality that is as solid as a rainbow.

Before defining what we experience has even begun, there is a pause, a gap that we seldom notice. A space free from any concept that most of us never pay much attention to.

We repeatedly miss the chance to leap through that gap to what could become our most remarkable discovery. In our daily life, we keep holding on to the illusion that nothing ever changes, no one dies – at least not anyone” I” know, and that the table we have in our kitchen is the same as it was yesterday.

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Whatever we have become aware of rests in its non-conceptual form before it comes into consciousness. When it does, it first appears in its purest form, without a concept, name, and no need to have an opinion around it.

A sound is a sound, a smell is a smell, a taste is a taste, a form is a form.
Not beautiful, not ugly, not right nor wrong, not yours nor mine.

We get lost in our opinions and standpoints about what we perceive and start to defend our position based on the same. A sense of separation is there. We can sense it as a churning feeling in our guts, a tightening in the throat, or a pressure over the solar plexus. And when we experience any resistance from the world around us, that which we perceive as being out there and separate from” us,” we start to defend our creations with all that we have, which in turn strengthens a sense of self – and so an ego has been solidified.

Simultaneously, without a sense of self, it’s hard to co-exist in this world. The dualistic perspective is not to be discarded entirely. That’s a dangerous prospect.

It’s practical to have a personality structure and a sense of self to rely on. Jet, it’s of utter importance that we gain a comprehensive understanding of how our minds and senses work. That way, we can more easily pull our head out of our self-created ant pile now and then and fill up with some fresh air.

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Our hearing so quickly produces anger, our seeing creates desire, and likewise do we habitually create other poisons through our other four senses. Smelling, tasting, touching, and the mind by applying likes and dislikes to all pure phenomena after they have gone through the distancing show of our creations.

Walking through life with a sense of me and others, them, and us comes from creating and reinforcing this false sense of self and separation.

The Ego is nothing but a heap of habits, memories, and ideas that we identify with.
And in this way, most of us carry out our lives without ever appreciating the rainbow.
From an ultimate perspective, the subject-object relationship is an illusion. There are awareness, yes, but no self-existing independent self or objects. If you look closely, you will see that the dream knows itself. Not” you.” What is illuminating the objects is the lucidity of the mind itself.

Who is dying? Like the Zen saying goes.

The near-death experience I had decades ago changed my life forever. The first steps of the bardo were clear and are still vivid in my mind. The unadulterated bliss of mind that explodes spontaneously at this point goes far beyond what we call I. No doubt about it. Our mind streams continue beyond this body and our current life, and it has nothing to do with Ego or personality structure. Only thing is – we don’t know where we will end up next time…but that’s a topic for another blog post. That which never dies is a non-personal lucid awareness that permeates everything, jet it is all, at the same time.

Everyone who dies experience this. Some even realize it within this lifetime. It’s not an exclusive experience. It’s just that most of us forget this from life to life.

We can train our minds to penetrate the seemingly tangible reality with proven tools for awakening from illusion into the awakened dream. We can all do this, because it’s what we are.
You’re sitting on a treasure case, and it’s up to you to open it or let it remain closed.

If you just read about this as an inspirational text, absolutely nothing will change for you. You have to enter the process of deconstruction bravely. Don’t keep it conceptual. Get into your daily meditations and start to settle your mind and get it ready for deeper explorations of your old way of perceiving the world until it crumbles. We can change our shared reality from a place of separation to one of unity by continually reminding ourselves about the view.

Yes, we can.

Blessed be,

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